Wednesday, February 10, 2010


3 Tigers In My House!!o.0

YEAH~~ it is really that 3 TIGERS in my house~
let me count for you~

1st tiger = Chirstina my elder sis born on the tiger years^^
2nd tiger = Waja~our 1st Proton Car~ the logo is a tiger~XD
3rd tiger = new member of our family~ Proton Exora 7sitter~

it was a dream for my dad to buy a 7 sitter car cause our family have 9people~
actually my dad wanted to buy Harries~but it was so EXPENSIVE~
never mind one day he will buy it~^^~ Exora also good~***
quite cool~~ got a TV and GPS~~ also safety alarm~ and many~

then when to Econsave to groceries~
long time did not follow parent to supermarket~
so bought some snack~=P

then night when to Sense Cafe with Ling, Angie and

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