Thursday, February 18, 2010



when to many relative house but my red pack money is least then rm100=="
how SAD~!!

yesterday when to Seremban, mother side grandma~^^~my cousin sis treat dinner..all dishes is very delicious, although that restaurant is very normal only. i long time did not when back to Seremban visit grandma d, she still look healthy cause her voice we can still heard it from far away~hahahah. All look different and most of my cousin have boyfriend girlfriend i very failure==". 1 of my younger cousin bro got bad influence from friends. he even peek her own sis bath and got caught by grandma~really speechless.
then, when to Aunt Jenny house fetch grandma but we end up stay there chat till 1am because Uncle Kent is there~so tired~~!!

tomorrow will go Calvin Yeo house~quite long time i did not see him. i think it is since we break up~ after that will go Nicky boy house^^

CNY is going to end soon~and my 3rd sem is coming=="

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