Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another Bag~!!

Yesterday when to Sunway with LuYi, Herng, PaoPao and KaiKai~actually main purpose is to movie, but LuYi watched Black Ransom and Herng watched Spy Next Door==". End up when to shopping~!! i just want to window shopping and accompany LuYi but i bought another bag!! SHIT~!! very very BROKE~~ if you know me you will know that i actually have many bag. I also realize i have many shoe, can't blame me le, cause i LOVE bag and shoe more than clothes^^.We when to Shi Ling before shopping for some 'O Ar Mee Shua' = Oyster Mee. After shopping when to FullHouse, quite big, but i still prefer Damansara FullHouse. after dinner at FullHouse left me, PaoPao, KaiKai and we called LiLi out for tea at Sense Cafe. When we reach there it was close, some school gathering going on==" *DISAPPOINTED* and so when to PaPa Rich~
***picture will be upload very soon***
my laptop let my dad took away with him to Bidor~TT
i think I'm over do something~and make someone angry~=="

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