Sunday, February 7, 2010


Chinese New Year, Valentine, Me~!?

Chinese New Year 1more week, serious no idea what to do=="
this year will be a boring CNY i think.
i plan to go Genting on 2nd day of CNY, but no 1 is around KL i think.
planned to go Penang find Ah Peng also visit my baobei Kai Lui^^ but her mom also no heart want go back==" this is what a unmature mom do.
this year will be hard for Notti Fam to visit house to house in a gang.
some holiday only 4-5 days.
this year CNY look so meaningless for me~not very excited of CNY

on the other hand, im so excited of Valentine.
I'm single, another disapoint fest when i think of it=="
and it was the same day as the 1st day of CNY.
every year waiting for Valentine hoping something
special or surprise
may happen~
but every years also SHIT~
every years before Valentine sure something happen=="
can't just pass Valentine peacefully=="
and i never receive a stalk of Roses also~ *sad*
hope this year is different, but i can predict that it will normal than normal~

lately, i keep on asking people~::
*what kind of people am I~!?
*what impression i gave when the 1st time we met~!?
*what my personality after you know me~!?
all this is not just appearance.

and also asked peeps~::
*if the peep u like was a flirter~and you know that after you guys couple he/she is sure will do the same and no change~ will you guys still like him/her like how you does~?!
can anyone answer me~?
I'm Bored~~
*i keep on thinking something that have happen and what should i do.
cause something i never think it will happen but it happen.
*something like someone say something make me can't really sleep well=="
this few day i sleep late and i can wake early then i normally do~

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