Monday, February 15, 2010


Chinese New Year~!?

it already 2.55am so it 2nd days of CNY~ i only got below 10 ang pao *sad*

back to the night of reunion dinner, 9 TAI GUAI~ damn FULL!! after that Aunt Jenny, Uncle Kent and Uncle Keong came our house, it happen every years since we did not eat reunion dinner together~TT then, i when out to Maison with few crazy friends really have fun that night and some BITCH have "gave" me an aeroplane~!! don't care her anymore!! she have no medicine to cure~lazy to care a people won't don't even care themselves cause they did not serve to receive my CARE!! **I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT I TALKING BOUT YOU~!!**
1st day of CNY, it also happen every year and nothing changed. We when to Sungai Pelek my grandma youngest bro house to have family reunion. It was like a promise from my grandma siblings that every year will go there only CNY 1st day for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner if can. Every family will bring a dish to there. it will be very BORED for the children and teenage but it will be fun for the adult==". This year my grandparent did not go, cause grandpa diarrhea this morning~ I feel so sleepy whole day sitting there listen to the elder say this and that PLUS I lack of sleep!! after dinner when to Tanjung Sepat, it is my HOMETOWN, where my dad grow up and my grandparent old house~ but our main purpose is go to dad old friends house, this also happen every year^^. We every year will go find Uncle Hock Shun, then Uncle Lim Meng and other few more uncles and aunts house *i forgot what their name is*. Stay at Uncle Hock Shun house about 1hour+ decide to go Uncle Lim Meng house, but receive call from grandma say that grandpa urine got BLOOD==". So as fast as we can call Uncle Kent and Uncle Keong back, now all adult bring my grandpa to hospital to have check up. they Leave 2 of my cousin sis and 2 bro here, don't know should i go sleep or continue wait for the adult to back~!!=="
tomorrow maybe we have no any home visit so date Notti Family out^^, for MOVIE!! damn many movie~~i want to watch all of it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! and I'm waiting Sarah back from her hometown cause i know her for 9-10years but i never visit her house on CNY~xD
owh~almost forgot~!!
HAPPY CHiNesE Tiger YeaR!~!!! and SwEet ValENTine to those COuPLES~~and those who have no partner never mind find your friends of family to celebrate^^~


ween said...

wish u a happy chinese new year :)

Carolinelzt said...

happy chinese new year too~^^