Friday, February 19, 2010


$$ FLY~~~

Yesterday, 18 Feb 10~ 5th day of CNY~

Nelson is back to his camp, and Kelvin kor going back Singapore at 5am later, will miss him. I have planned to go Calvin Yeo house but end up did not cause his not at home and i have no time to go, SORRY~ he start to work tomorrow, seriously his boss really terrible, normally salon off 1whole week for CNY.

back to 18 Feb, when to Nicky "gal" house, he look different but still handsome. and gamble a bit, i won quite many, but lose back to him, cause not so good to win his money too much cause it does not belong to me^^". Then, when to Keith house for a while and when to Ayamas for my only meal for yesterday~==" 1words comment for Ayamas!! SUCK~!! the chicken is dry~!! but their sauce good. after meal, when to Albert house "open table" again, i won many there. after play about 1-2hours i already boring and started to lose all my money. So i stopped awhile when out awhile come back continue trying my lucky but it getting worse and come home with an empty wallet~x.x
all money when into Kelvin kor Gucci Wallet==". Never mind la, every years once^^" happy can d lo~RIGHT~?! but he gave me back rm30 when he fetch me back==", this the reason i SAYANG him^^~

and i tired now~!! have to sleep, tomorrow maybe go "rob" movie at Sunway~ dated Ghino but he now at Genting will be back at 6pm==" watch what~!!!

i have think many day and many night bout the problem, what should i do and i think i should just go and have a try 1 or 2 week!? or just reject~!? although it look normal between us, but i still can feel the changes and the thing~

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