Friday, February 26, 2010


I am, Who I am

24 Feb, Wednesday
my first day of school xD. I know, it already 3rd since school start. I have skipped too lecture. After school when to IOI Mall meet with LiLi for dinner and movie^^. We have some personal chat, something maybe a fact which may be good and also will be bad too. Then Keith and Soon came and we watched Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief, quite nice 4/5.

whole day stay at home, hahahaha~~ suddenly so good girl stay at home~!! of cause no. I when out at night to Maison. it was fun!! so many friends it was crowded yesterday night. When Reno fetch me home we have some chat also it make me realise something. Got home Ling called me and we chat some girl talk~xD. i realise more thing, i really quite release cause i have done what i wanted to do.

I am Who I am~!!
Why does everyone think i tough and full of confident. Some even thought I am free of stressful thing!? although i look cheerful and happy everyday, but i may have something bothering me also. Some time my friends say i wish i could be like you, but i wish you would not be like me cause you will suffer~ think many also useless, just wait and see what will happen in the future and think positive everyday will be happy day~^^ pass the day with a smile.
and you guys will realise that recently my blog no photo, cause Puchong line damn suck!! sometime can't on Msn sometime facebook blogger also can't open==" wait till i got a better line will upload~^^~


ms. sarah said...

wey wey.. maner ada suck puchong's line..use streamxy la

Carolinelzt said...

i use P1 dad dowan chg~~he say he paying nt me~~if want chg i pay==" + we hcg many line d..gek sei ar!!!!!!