Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm Back!!

curious about i did not online for 2-3 days??

Saturday, when to IOI Mall with 2 peeps
for movie^^ YEAH~~
Legion~~ seriously it is damn nice lo!!^^
rating it 4.5/5 lo~ if haven watch must watch!!
after movie when to Sense Cafe for tea.
order 2 pots of flower tea for 4peeps but only 3peeps we are.
lemongrass and Rose tea.
lemongrass taste like raw SEAFOOD!! uaCK!!
rose is do good~~
and there 3 performer there name Wee, Kido and a replacement singer Xiong.
their voice is very nice but too bad they don't know most of the new song.

then Sunday when to Bidor again~visit Nelson again^^
Cameron Highland~~for a night.
it was FREEZING at night and morning.
but it was BURNING at the afternoon between 12pm - 4pm
nothing to play at there, especially at night.
everything close~=="

sorry don't angry if i did not reply your messages or request or anything^^"

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