Sunday, February 28, 2010


LAST visit for CNY~

Yesterday when to WeiLi house as what we plan last week. Her house will be Notti Fam last CNY gather. We when to Tesco at 1pm to buy some food then when to my Dear Herng house to cook everything. We bought 4packs of spaghetti, 5packs of jello, 4cans longan and laici. We cook spaghetti with white mushroom meat sauce, 5flavor of jello and longan & laici punch~^^~ so FULL!! too many spaghetti can't finish it, so Herng fried some of the spaghetti. After meal is time for GAMBLING. i gambler a bit only, then stop playing cause i have lose many this year. Yesterday, was so damn fun!! everyone play till so crazy.
tonight, will go to Amcorp Mall, for tossing mandarin event. today is the 15th in Chinese calendar, it is Chinese valentine also the last day of CNY. Tossing mandarin is a event which single woman write their phone number and name on the mandarin and toss it to a lake or sea, to wish to get a perfect love. At the other side of the lake or sea will have guys grabbing the mandarin~^^.


☣〓Lonely Aquarius〓☣ said...

lolz..... think too much la.... u..... =X

Carolinelzt said...
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Carolinelzt said...

wilber u sot jo ar~!? what i think to much??=="

kenwooi said...

the tossing mandarin oranges is nice.. but i guess it doesnt work in this era =P