Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Yesterday, when to Sunway with Ah Jing and Reno, PaoPao.
wanted to watch movie but no time, we when to Sushi King have a bite then to RedBox
after Karaoke we go for dinner at Ichiban Ramen~ not bad~they ramen very Q^^

then, we head to OUG to wait KaiKai and Wai korkor~ and when to Cheras mean Ah Jing dear Edis~ then we go Genting Highland!!^^ 3car =Reno Myvi / KaiKai Kancil / Edis Satria
it is my 1st time when to Genting like sitting on a ROLLER COASTER=="
don't how to say~==" it was so FUN and also DANGEROUS!!
we when to a wrong road and no place to U turn so we reverse drive then speed up to de opposite line=="~ we also almost bang to a round about==".
when going up we like speeding very dangerously~and many~LOL

this few days picture all not with me~will get from them and uplaod sooner or later~XD

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