Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mine CNY~

When i still a kid, CNY is a way to get money because adult gave us money. But when I'm a teenage it look like a holidays for me to visit my old friends and have some fun.

On the 7th day of CNY, it was a day for us to "ROB" angpao =D. When to Steffy house which is the farthest house. Next is Soon continue to Amy house, then LuYi and Last it was Louis house also our gambling palace==". His house always the last house to ROB cause he have a big house which got extra room for us to play till crazy and won't disturb his family. It was fun, to play like kids [ sometime ]. 1am+ end our gambling when to Steven for tea and some Notti Fam chat. And they think I'm a SOOTHSAYER and LOVE METRE or HUMAN SCANNER==".

On 8th day of CNY, also the day that hokkien peeps pray God Of Sky [ Tien Gong ]. This year my family can't pray, so i when to LuYi house^^. Before that me, Keith and Reno when for Movie at IOI Mall. watched The Wolfman quite nice, not bad 3/5 it look disgusting for me==". Then have lunch at Wong Kok damn full till the night. When to Carina house, as i promise her mom to visit her^^. i call her Ah Mu when i was secondary, because i was so close with her when I'm secondary. And they have a new baby girl called Kiu Ying. Time pass very fast, everyone look so different, quite miss the pass. Then only we when to LuYi house and gambling with some of my secondary senior which i quite long did not see them. That day we play till 3.30am then Junor fetch me home.

Today, Monday 22 Feb.When to Karaoke at Neway, Puchong with Reno, PaoPao, Chuang and LuYi at 3.30pm. When we step in to the reception counter the whole building BLACKOUT==" and someone was trapped in the lift. I enjoy today~It was fun, because i did not feel bored, every time karaoke i will feel bored after 2hour singing. LuYi and Chuang is very PRO in singing quite admire also envy their voice. Wish i got half of their talent. Chuang make me admire him when he sang 林俊杰 "第几个100天" and 張學友 "你最珍贵". i also very admire LuYi voice seen long time she have a sweet voice. 7pm find karaoke when home gamble using cents with family include my parent~^^~ very fun and also funny playing with my parent. They look like KIDS!! xD


-lu yi- said...

it was chu 9 to pray tian gong ar.. we played till 4am leh.. or u already snoozed at 3.30am? hahaha~

Carolinelzt said...

==" hei yerr~~u vry lo so lo!!! i hvn slp ma~~ma still chu 8 lo~~XP
is 4am meh~~i 4got jo lO~~thought 3.30am

-lu yi- said...

haha~ siao za bo.. next time dont want to correct ur mistakes d la..=p