Monday, February 8, 2010


Mov Mov~~~

when to IOI Mall for movie with LiLi, Soon and KaiKai~^^
watch Black Ransom~ quite nice~ *3/5*
then when to Shabu-Shabu at Bandar Puteri.
4peeps order 2 pot of soup and 2pax meal and added 5small dish~
and it can full my stomach~!! not normal full is very full=="
lol~quite fun la, cause got soon there~~ talk rubbish with me~!!XD
the waitress so damn no manners lo!!
i damn hate her~~i remember her name is Catherine=="
cause we are the last customer, she come to us and say they closing in not proper manners!!
F**K her~!! hate this kind of service~
and she talk loud loud with her workmate say so late d still got customer how to go back~
talk many la..i can't remember what the SHIT she say~~
make my appetite away~
BITCH~~ some more is UGLY SPEC BITCH~!! ***curse you***

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