Friday, February 5, 2010


Change my Look in 1day~^^

yea~~i finally got my new hair style^^. Zillion thank to Tom Mah..and it only cos me rm100 for treatment+dye+cut and i added another hair soften treatment cos me rm28~
i dye my hair brownish gold, abit regret should let him dye more goldish~^^"~ . and i actually wanted to leave my hair long to my old look, but let Reno and Tom persuade me to cut short==" and it will take me long long time to grow till shoulder length. Result come out quite nice and i like it.

Then i rush home to prepare for PARTY NIGHT. Rush till i forgot to eat my dinner==". and i have follow my our promise, not to drink too much and yesterday night i did not over drink. YEAH~^^v~ *clap *clap for me~
meet many friends~Eugene clubber~ Choong Birthday boy~ Joey Tomato~ Ah X~ and many~
and meet a new friend Lyon~

"Yesterday night something bother me make me can't sleep well==". it really something that i don't know how to say or admit~!! wish someone could brain wash me~ =["

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