Saturday, February 20, 2010


ROB movie~XD

today when to movie with Keith only~=="
other all so busy, watched 2 movie.
72 Tenants NICE~^^ very hilarious~
laugh until whole cinema was my voice~
4.5/5 ***cause it quite short + not very serious story line***
we start at 5pm end at 6.30pm

then, 6.45pm continue with All's Well End's Well 2010.
it was funny too, but i prefer 72 tenants.

the when to Gasoline have our dinner, and when back to Steven Corner for tea^^
got Soon, Herng, Keith, Angie and Ling
quite funny la, cause we chat back some old stuff and gossip a bit.
normal so late Soon won't out but tonight he when out tea with us^^~

tomorrow going to 'ROB' with Notti Fam^^
sure will be fun cause PaoPao and Reno is there~!!XD

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