Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Yesterday[30 March 2010] was a most tiring surprise party we have ever planned.
and it is SPECIALLY for our Lovely Babe Ling [Notti Fam]

We have plan this 2 or 3days before her birthday.
Louis found a place where there a garden full of light decoration, it is really AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL place!!
it also attracted me when i 1st look at it from far distance!!
it is at Shah Alam, I-City. The place look quite new, cause they have only 1 cafe=="

back to the plan~~
We have told Ling that we will just celebrate her birthday by bring her to a special place and have a dinner together.
and also told her that night all will wear a RED dress and but we have wear WHITE^^
this the 1st surprise. [counted as semi success, cause she wear a BEIGE dress with RED flower==]

We told her that WeiLi did not join us, but the true is WeiLi when to the Cafe early with Louis for preparation. 2nd surprise [Semi success, i accidentally say WeiLi is here^^" *SORRY]

Than, we start our meal and by 10++PM, WeiLi mom have called and scolded her.
So she have to go back early, Herng, WaiLi and Keith also follow cause they have to go home early as well, so C.Soon fetch then home.
Of cause before they go back we have our Family photo~^^~

After that we when to have a walk at there, and we captured many many many picture~^^
last station is the garden with full of light decoration.
and the last surprise is there~!!^^

actually WeiLi, WaiLi, Herng, Keith and C.Soon did not when home, they when to the garden to prepare our surprise.
We use western candle and arranged Carina[Ling English name] and a BIG LOVE = WE LOVE CARINA.
and 5 of them will hide and we will bring Ling toward the candle
it was not the end, cause cake is just right behind her~^^~
with 2 birthday song, 1 from everyone and another is from Louis solo~!!
and the cake have Ling face on it~^^~
opps~forgot 1more thing, actually WeiLi mom did not called her, it just a fake call from Herng =signal to go prepare.^^ [SUCESS]

Really hope she will be happy forever and not dropping into another LOVE HOLE~^^
also Notti Fam can continue celebrating birthday together FOREVER.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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My Blog page is going to 2years old~^^
i started to blog on Friday -11 April 2008-

and i can't believe what i write on my 1st post~
so damn funny and so different thingy from know!!
12 more days and Miss.Caroline.Lzt Blog is turning to 2years anniversary~^^
i think you guys will think I'm so free~!!
just I'm too lazy and have no ideas to do my assignment=="
and i have to submit it this Thursday~
so hard to find a single idea!!
Ms Kasturi class have been cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday~
so this week no class again~ only Thursday Mr Tham class^^
and this is the PICTURE of THE DAY^^
SO DAMN LOVE♥♥ THIS PICTURE~~don't know why~~

Saturday, March 27, 2010


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I have always know someone hate me or dislike me.
I have been bad gossip, how bad also have.
how bad they say i don't even care, they say me SLUT, BITCH or SHE THOUGHT SHE SO DAMN PRETTY all this i will not mind.
but when i knew it come out from my friends mouth i really SPEECHLESS~!!
the worst thing i have ever heard was i betrayed by my own best friend saying that i trying to steal her boyfriend~!

Now let me saw another thing like this!! it is really is my attitude or you guy have nothing to do other than gossip!!
Never think of that will be you, I think i have mistaken you as a "GOOD PERSON"

Sometime i really think some people really after eat too full have nothing to do~!!
Just like to STUCK their head or legs or whatever part of body into people lifestyle.
PLEASE look at the mirror cause you have no different then me!!
Even own thing also can't settle, now wanted to busybody in other people thing!!
if too free go get a life, or take your brain to repair!!

if you don't AGREE or DISLIKE other people life doesn't mean that wasn't a life!!
or maybe you just too damn jealous how people enjoy their life!!
and you don't like it doesn't mean other people have to hate it also!

Don't understand what kind of thing stuck in your brain!!
thinking or opinion always so damn DIFFERENT than other~!!
it doesn't not mean you can do so!!
don't like it just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! and GET LOST!!
stuck you dirty head into my life doesn't make your life more beautiful~!
Always say people this say people that, but actually you just the same as them!!

Silent maybe the best way to avoid breaking our friendship.
Keep smiling does not mean i really that happy everyday!!
letting you to say does not mean i have no opinion.
Keep thinking positive way is my way to stay more happy and less SADNESS or ANGER!!
SHOUTING is for me to release my stresses!!
Drinking water is to cool down myself!!

Hoping that what the ASS you say n you do was not saying me!!
if NOT your "GOOD PERSON" imagine is totally spoiled!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Humanity Has Changed Forever

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Yesterday night when for movie
nice Movie!! recommended!! **5/5
it about vampire is taking over human.
the vampire creating blood replacement[fake blood]
some human found the cure to turn vampire into human again.
the main actor is so handsome after he turn into human!!
his brother *Frankie also look good!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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Was late for school, meet traffic jam.
Then, car broke down half way!!
All FUCKER driver thought I'm the cause of jamming, but I'm also a victim!!
was jamming with them then suddenly car broke down=="
scolded by a Fucking NEGRO~!! hate him!!

then, quarrel with 2 PIG JPJ and a POLICE.
and they helped me push my car to road side.
Waited my dad for more than 30minute.
it was so damn hot and i sweat like bath.
bathed twice in 2hours=="

this is not all of it, i receive message from Fei saying that our card for Color project budget have big change!!
now price is increase the double of the original price!!

Yesterday receive news that Reno going Singapore on April 10.
Ah Soon going Penang study.

Soon, Notti Fam all will separate=="

Sunday, March 21, 2010


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I'm home~^^~
When to My Honeymoon which just open not long at Puchong, with Kelvin Kor and His wifey aka my Babe Angie.
When out for 30min and i spend rm7==".
i have a Chestnut Egg sweet soup and it cost me Rm6++ *PRICEY*
My Honeymoon dessert does not taste very bad and also not very delicious just their illustration attract people~=="

thought i can start my Critical Thinking Assignment 3, but I'm wrong.
I just can't concentrate in my assignment==" *slumbering*
When ever i think of the SHAPE i will become insane~!! *jumping here and there*
So when can i start doing it ar!!
i think i should at least start something==" if not i will KILL by Mr Tham~!!

Opss~ i have miscounted my single period was 1years~o.0"
i have been single for 7month++=="
but i damn enjoying my Single life^^
feel free and simple~!!!YEAH BABY~!! *copy Fei*

Hot Air Balloon

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20 March 2010~Hot Air Balloon Fest~

It is a fest every year will held once.
Hot air balloon competition at Putrajaya, our main purpose to go there is to ride on it.
But i think we when there a bit too too late~hahaha
so only can see from a distance can ride on it.

before Fest we when for movie and it is SUCK!!
Edge Of Darkness, quite boring if you can't understand what their acting about=="
rated 3/5~

then, lunch at A&W reach Putrajaya at 7pm, walk around wondering can we have a ride.
While waiting for the other to meet us.
nothing special just walking around look at the huge and cute balloon.
and the night ended with full of firecracker~!! most pretty firecracker i have ever seen~^^
PRETTY~ look like raining flower~
picture is with Kelvin kor~ he have uploaded to Facebook~ view there~^^

U4 gang when there early till the end of night~*clap *clap for them~
they took many picture and look nice and fun by playing their DLSR capturing jumping shot~xD
FUN~~~!! but I'm not in~~~~TT *SAD*

it all for tonight~
I'm tired!! back bone pain!! i think i twisted my waist=="


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Sometime feeling does make people feel PESTERING or VEXED!!
do you guys agree!?

When you don't want it to happen, but it happen.
When happen, it just suddenly ended.
FOOTY SAD LO~!! [don't ask what is footy is it my own alien language]
Ended so what~i can't do anything about it! SO

When you want it, it won't come.
when you don't want it, it will just stand right in front you.
So should i just accept it~!?

When i need it, it just vanish!!
When i wanted to find it, i feel scare of it=="
When it really appear back, i start to trembling.

Wanted to ask about it, but scare to do so.
So only can wait, but waiting is suffering!!
knowing does not make you happier, understanding does not mean you care.

When it become a daily habit for you, it will be hard to pass thru the day without it.

Single = Simple, Double = Trouble, Triple = Terrible

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo~Feb - March~

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-Chinese New Year Photo-

i only upload few of them here, if want to see more~ clicky Clicky~CNY Album

-February photo-finally uploaded

i only upload few of them here, if want to see more~ clicky Clicky~Feb Album
i only upload few of them here, if want to see more~ clicky Clicky~March Album


Maison night~

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Another Maison night, most of my friends sure will say
" WHAT!! Maison again, you won't bored going there so many time"
i will answer
"Won't la~i go with all my buddy and my babe. + Maison song nicer then most of the club outside"
"Why don't go Poppy, Poppy fun also"
"Cause I'm only 19, Poppy need 21 it is so damn hard for the female to entry"=="

Yesterday night Keith damn DRUNK, only he drunk yesterday night. He lose his hand phone when he drunk.
yesterday quite fun. We got a nice table just next to the dance floor and we have place to dance next to our table.
last night sleep at 5am today wake at 3.30++pm and i missed my cycling section!! PEKCEK~
never mind next week go!!

Yesterday submitted my assignment but i receive another assignment~=="
and it look harder than the pass assignment=="

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tenji Night~!!

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17 March 2010 -Wednesday-

When to school early as every Wednesday for this sem, then go to Keith lecture to pass my free time and it was so damn cool till i can't even sleep==". After school when to Dataran Prima, Pj for interview for a cooking oil roadshow in Jusco IOI Mall. Seriously, i have no interest in this job after knowing their promoter have to go for product training==". Interview ended at 4pm, so we rushed back tp Puchong so i can have a bath and prepare at 5pm to start our journey to search where is Mont Kiara, and i borrow my dad GPS but we don't know how it work~hahahah. We reached tenji at 6.15pm.^^~

When there with Kelvin Kor, Ling, Ah Shou Angie, Louis, Keith. Other can't go, and do you guys know it is a waste le!!xD. so damn many food, and beverage and also my favourite
ICE-CREAM!! We all separate go and took some food and start eating it 30minute later. So many thing on our table!! full of food!! got fresh coconut, TomYam seafood soup, sushi, sashimi, salmon, fresh oyster, tepanyaki, kimchi, flower snails, soft shell crab, cod fish, soba, torayaki and too much till i can't say out ar!! all of us started to feel full around 8pm~xD. Then, we grab some cawanmushi, Haagen-daz + Baskin Robin + Japanese Kindori ice-cream, some more salmon, some more tepanyaki, and some Wu Long tea, cause we are so full till can't move~XD.6person have ate 12peoples portion!! YENG~!!GENG~!!ZENG AR~!!

After dinner, suppose to find Ah Dear herng for basketball at 29 road but his mom scolded him and not allowed him out. So go home and start to rush my Critical Thinking Assignment 2~^^~

Then for tomorrow, go to Maison at night~!! hope more friends going!!XD

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 Week Statue~!?

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you heard me~~~he is back = Monster Lee^^

my Ah Kor is back from Singapore on last Friday 12March Midnight.
Mun, Jepun, Guan, Ling, Angie and me go Time Square fetch him. Then, when to Kuchai for Dim Sum^^. After that we when home at 4am==".

13March Saturday when to Time Square with Angie,Kor, Herng, Louis and CY shopping, i go there to accompany them==". After dinner we when to Euro Star aka Barcelona, it is Barcelona reopen. 1word = SUCK!! not nice. The song is techno song, hate those song the most. That night everyone drunk except me and Reno==".

14March2010 -Sunday-

Dear aka fiancee Herng 19th Birthday^^ *don't misunderstand he not my real fiancee*
older 1year, but still so handsome. Wish him success in everything of his Life^^
We when to Karaoke at Greenbox, quite fun^^. Then, when to Cheras look out point for dinner. So damn full!!!. So many people when to dinner almost the whole Notti Fam is there^^. After dinner when to Cheras Fun Ok Kei Cafe for 2nd round tea==" with Herng college friends, we don't know them. Quite jealous him cause he have 2 gang of friends to celebrate with him.

Yesterday, 15March

both Ah kor[Kelvin & Reno] when to school with me~xD
they really when into my lecture with me. Kelvin kor look bored with the lecture Reno kor also same but he have those excited feel to help me copy note~!!XD
After my lecture, we when to Keith Lecture. So boring lo~!! make people want to sleep!! After his lecture we when to have our breakfast then when to PJ to find LuYi!! fetched her and when to 1 Utama for movie~^^~
Here Come Fortune, NOT NICE!!*2.5/5 quite boring lo~and it is so late to have those CNY feel=="

today, 16March

dad fetch me to school, cause Catherine have spoiled Camry. no transport!! so this whole sem i have to please Keith to fetch me go and back from school.


My friends or Bloggers from Genting Kelang please help me find a room or whole condo to rent on this year 2010 MAY~!! if any of you want to rent together with also can contact me^^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monk WEEK~

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Last Monday, after school straight away when to Time Square meet Reno and PaoPao for karaoke at Neway^^.
That day no voice, can't sing.
Im so damn full that day, so many food==" 3person ate 6person portion!! die or not, my diet plan no more.

my weight is 50kg, not increasing or decreasing.
i want 45KG!!!!!

Yesterday, so tired.
Got home bath not long sleep till 12am^^, mom wake me to dinner with dad.
Then, started my battle with Critical Assignment 1 finish at this morning 11am==".
When to school submit it and accept another assignment==" and it is harder than assignment 1~!!

When on my way to school an indian guy on motorcycle followed next to my car.

I wonder what he want so i look at him, GUESS what he do=="
he showing me his disgusting tongue, like seducing me!! so ugly indian GUY!! disgusting~ make me really want to show him middle finger==".

Of cause i did not do so.

This week I'm damn good staying at home after school, no tea time, no night hang out and no CLUBBING.
ONLY this week, Monk WEEK for Notti Fam!!=D
Because i can predict that next week will be a KRAZY week!!

our Monster Lee is coming back to Malaysia for whole month of April and PetPet Han ended his job on end of March and go Singapore work on begin of May.

We already plan what to do, but not can success or not.
Saturday = Shopping day
Sunday = Dinner at Tenji *Notti Fam*
Thursday = of cause the flavor night of all!! *clubbing*
follow on = Monster Lee think ba!!^^

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Uncle Jeffu BIG DAY~

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YeAP~ is Jeff BIG day = 22th Birthday, on 6th March 2010-Saturday-
nothing special, when to Sunway for karaoke at Red Box.
it is fun, about 11peeps go. We also prepare a cake and present for him, although he warn us " no cake, no present and no surprise ".
Fei and me have plan his present 3 or 4days before his birthday.
We called U4 kia to make a pieces of wished or something like photo album in size half of A4.
Then, Fei will bind it all together and i will buy a box and give him the gift.
although some can't make it to do so, but they also got heart and wished him *i think*.
back to March 6, after karaoke we when to Cinema for movie -Solomon Kane- not bad, **3.5/5.

Kelvin Teo also joined us for movie, but Evon, Kaede, Trista and Jason Liew did not cause they have to rush back home.

Finish our movie i when for a second round celebration=="
venue:: Kuchai Lama, Xuan Music Cafe
Time:: 8pm
Purpose:: Steffy early 19th Birthday celebration~^^~

i got there early, everyone look busy preparing themselves, so i just wait in my car.
i can't find a people to dinner with also=="
my stomach so damn suffer!!

then,8pm Reno finish his work meet me at OUG then we go Xuan together.
but both of us don't know where Xuan, make us turn here and there only we found it.
it is the other alley and it is the most corner shop.
if you did not look properly sure can't find it=="

We play "K master" game.
it play with using poker card. K is the master.
so whoever got K they can order any 2 card to do something.
it very fun, if your friends is very crazy and dare to do anything it will be very very CRAZY FUN~^^~

at 11pm left LiLi, Ling, Keith, Louis, PaoPao and me
they suggest to go Steven Corner.
but i have to go back, because my dad have scolded me and Kelvin is waiting me at Sutramas.
so i when back to Puchong, i meet kelvin but did not tea with him cause i feel tired.
so when home bath and sleep at 1 o 2am~^^

Overall of XUAN
#~Xuan environment very romantic *5/5*

#~Service of the waitress is SUCK!! *-5/5*
.she very no manners and have a shit face when serving us!!
.1more thing is they have no enough glass in that shop~how terrible is that!!

#~Performer *5/5*
.they have nice voice and they are friendly also, they will interact with the customer. *thumb up*

#~Food & Beverage *2/5
.food not special, very average only.
.Beverage look special but taste nothing.==" some even not enough

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is That Really So Important?!

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Most of my friends is sticking their head into some LOVE war or LOVE problem. Does LOVE really so important~!? i mean by couple~ or girlfriends boyfriends. I understand if you are desperate to have a partner cause most of your buddy or friends have a girlfriend boyfriend next to them. They also have ignore us or less hang out with us even less crapping with us, so we may envy them. But is it couple is better than single?! i really don't understand, anybody can tell me!? cause sometime i feel couple is making me less freedom and being control by someone. Anyway, hope friends which have a partner can be very very happy for those who have got their partner just ENJOY the single life before you regret~xD

Yesterday, after school when to many many many photo shop to wash out some wallet sizes photo. Damn tiring!! because of who i have to do so!! "HE" will know it when he saw the stuff, and few pieces of those small photo spend my 1meal money!! and i done the thing in around 3 hours~^^~ hope he will like it. Because we put many heart in it^^. Then rush back to take my bath and ready to PARTY~!! When to Maison again, almost every week when there==". This time damn many people, 20peeps 4Chivas all EMPTY even mixer also finish. Know some new friends most of them i can't remember their name. 1st drunk is Reno and also the worse drunker i ever see==" also the 1st time i saw him drunk till so blur made me have to drive him back his house~!! 2nd drunker Kelvin Teo, vomit from Maison to Puchong and to Sunway==". 3rd is Keith not serious drunk but sleeping at the table for 30minutes or 1hour.

Friday wake at 12pm so early!! and i fell not enough sleep!! and i did not eat anything and when to school. I only ate a piece of Kuih and drink 1 small bottle of mineral water!!==". i know it is so not healthy and it is not in my diet plan!! I swear~*** i was rushing and i forgot to eat. When home at 7pm+ i HATE MRR2 always jam at 5pm onward==" or 7am onward!! i stuck at MRR2 from Zoo Negara to Pandan Indah==" SUCK traffic!! and i reach home at 9pm+ and have my dinner at 10pm~~~~!!!

Today is my Cousin Jason Lim birthday~
*HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY* cause it already pass 12am^^"
Tomorrow is Uncle jeffu 22 Birthday~ 6.March.2010

may all your wish come true!! no more emo-ness~^^
And we decide to go Sunway karaoke~~YEA!! it will be fun i HOPE~!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


9:52 PM 4

recently my stomach keep on pain not pain then pain again=="
feel like gastric~==" hope not!!
I'm worry, because I recently ON DIET so 1 day i only have 1 meal maximum 2meal per day.
Sometime i did not eat anything only drink soup or have some cookie.=="

my Sem 3 officially started for me la~xD
today started practical class and heard bad news *assignment+project on April 6-8!!*
Monday when to school by Keith car.
After lecture i when to 1Utama for movie [Shou Hak Yi / True Legend] ***NICE!! *4/5
i have to wait Keith finish class he end at 4pm==", then Reno called asked us to movie!! [Kam Yi Wai / 14Blades] ***NICE *4/5
and thats mean i have watched 2 movie~

today, when to school by Keith car also~but this time he have to wait for me~ ngek ngek ngek!!
but i have to go school early==", i go to his lecture class with him.
i go there to have a shelter to SLEEP!!