Tuesday, March 16, 2010


1 Week Statue~!?

you heard me~~~he is back = Monster Lee^^

my Ah Kor is back from Singapore on last Friday 12March Midnight.
Mun, Jepun, Guan, Ling, Angie and me go Time Square fetch him. Then, when to Kuchai for Dim Sum^^. After that we when home at 4am==".

13March Saturday when to Time Square with Angie,Kor, Herng, Louis and CY shopping, i go there to accompany them==". After dinner we when to Euro Star aka Barcelona, it is Barcelona reopen. 1word = SUCK!! not nice. The song is techno song, hate those song the most. That night everyone drunk except me and Reno==".

14March2010 -Sunday-

Dear aka fiancee Herng 19th Birthday^^ *don't misunderstand he not my real fiancee*
older 1year, but still so handsome. Wish him success in everything of his Life^^
We when to Karaoke at Greenbox, quite fun^^. Then, when to Cheras look out point for dinner. So damn full!!!. So many people when to dinner almost the whole Notti Fam is there^^. After dinner when to Cheras Fun Ok Kei Cafe for 2nd round tea==" with Herng college friends, we don't know them. Quite jealous him cause he have 2 gang of friends to celebrate with him.

Yesterday, 15March

both Ah kor[Kelvin & Reno] when to school with me~xD
they really when into my lecture with me. Kelvin kor look bored with the lecture Reno kor also same but he have those excited feel to help me copy note~!!XD
After my lecture, we when to Keith Lecture. So boring lo~!! make people want to sleep!! After his lecture we when to have our breakfast then when to PJ to find LuYi!! fetched her and when to 1 Utama for movie~^^~
Here Come Fortune, NOT NICE!!*2.5/5 quite boring lo~and it is so late to have those CNY feel=="

today, 16March

dad fetch me to school, cause Catherine have spoiled Camry. no transport!! so this whole sem i have to please Keith to fetch me go and back from school.


My friends or Bloggers from Genting Kelang please help me find a room or whole condo to rent on this year 2010 MAY~!! if any of you want to rent together with also can contact me^^

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