Sunday, March 21, 2010



I'm home~^^~
When to My Honeymoon which just open not long at Puchong, with Kelvin Kor and His wifey aka my Babe Angie.
When out for 30min and i spend rm7==".
i have a Chestnut Egg sweet soup and it cost me Rm6++ *PRICEY*
My Honeymoon dessert does not taste very bad and also not very delicious just their illustration attract people~=="

thought i can start my Critical Thinking Assignment 3, but I'm wrong.
I just can't concentrate in my assignment==" *slumbering*
When ever i think of the SHAPE i will become insane~!! *jumping here and there*
So when can i start doing it ar!!
i think i should at least start something==" if not i will KILL by Mr Tham~!!

Opss~ i have miscounted my single period was 1years~o.0"
i have been single for 7month++=="
but i damn enjoying my Single life^^
feel free and simple~!!!YEAH BABY~!! *copy Fei*

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