Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Was late for school, meet traffic jam.
Then, car broke down half way!!
All FUCKER driver thought I'm the cause of jamming, but I'm also a victim!!
was jamming with them then suddenly car broke down=="
scolded by a Fucking NEGRO~!! hate him!!

then, quarrel with 2 PIG JPJ and a POLICE.
and they helped me push my car to road side.
Waited my dad for more than 30minute.
it was so damn hot and i sweat like bath.
bathed twice in 2hours=="

this is not all of it, i receive message from Fei saying that our card for Color project budget have big change!!
now price is increase the double of the original price!!

Yesterday receive news that Reno going Singapore on April 10.
Ah Soon going Penang study.

Soon, Notti Fam all will separate=="

1 comment:

-lu yi- said...

ko lian dai.. sure very xin ku under da hot sun..
chee soon goin to penang study? where n when???
aiks~ so many ppl goin off d..=[