Tuesday, March 30, 2010



My Blog page is going to 2years old~^^
i started to blog on Friday -11 April 2008-

and i can't believe what i write on my 1st post~
so damn funny and so different thingy from know!!
12 more days and Miss.Caroline.Lzt Blog is turning to 2years anniversary~^^
i think you guys will think I'm so free~!!
just I'm too lazy and have no ideas to do my assignment=="
and i have to submit it this Thursday~
so hard to find a single idea!!
Ms Kasturi class have been cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday~
so this week no class again~ only Thursday Mr Tham class^^
and this is the PICTURE of THE DAY^^
SO DAMN LOVE♥♥ THIS PICTURE~~don't know why~~

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