Saturday, March 27, 2010



I have always know someone hate me or dislike me.
I have been bad gossip, how bad also have.
how bad they say i don't even care, they say me SLUT, BITCH or SHE THOUGHT SHE SO DAMN PRETTY all this i will not mind.
but when i knew it come out from my friends mouth i really SPEECHLESS~!!
the worst thing i have ever heard was i betrayed by my own best friend saying that i trying to steal her boyfriend~!

Now let me saw another thing like this!! it is really is my attitude or you guy have nothing to do other than gossip!!
Never think of that will be you, I think i have mistaken you as a "GOOD PERSON"

Sometime i really think some people really after eat too full have nothing to do~!!
Just like to STUCK their head or legs or whatever part of body into people lifestyle.
PLEASE look at the mirror cause you have no different then me!!
Even own thing also can't settle, now wanted to busybody in other people thing!!
if too free go get a life, or take your brain to repair!!

if you don't AGREE or DISLIKE other people life doesn't mean that wasn't a life!!
or maybe you just too damn jealous how people enjoy their life!!
and you don't like it doesn't mean other people have to hate it also!

Don't understand what kind of thing stuck in your brain!!
thinking or opinion always so damn DIFFERENT than other~!!
it doesn't not mean you can do so!!
don't like it just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! and GET LOST!!
stuck you dirty head into my life doesn't make your life more beautiful~!
Always say people this say people that, but actually you just the same as them!!

Silent maybe the best way to avoid breaking our friendship.
Keep smiling does not mean i really that happy everyday!!
letting you to say does not mean i have no opinion.
Keep thinking positive way is my way to stay more happy and less SADNESS or ANGER!!
SHOUTING is for me to release my stresses!!
Drinking water is to cool down myself!!

Hoping that what the ASS you say n you do was not saying me!!
if NOT your "GOOD PERSON" imagine is totally spoiled!!

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