Sunday, March 21, 2010



Sometime feeling does make people feel PESTERING or VEXED!!
do you guys agree!?

When you don't want it to happen, but it happen.
When happen, it just suddenly ended.
FOOTY SAD LO~!! [don't ask what is footy is it my own alien language]
Ended so what~i can't do anything about it! SO

When you want it, it won't come.
when you don't want it, it will just stand right in front you.
So should i just accept it~!?

When i need it, it just vanish!!
When i wanted to find it, i feel scare of it=="
When it really appear back, i start to trembling.

Wanted to ask about it, but scare to do so.
So only can wait, but waiting is suffering!!
knowing does not make you happier, understanding does not mean you care.

When it become a daily habit for you, it will be hard to pass thru the day without it.

Single = Simple, Double = Trouble, Triple = Terrible

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