Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hot Air Balloon

20 March 2010~Hot Air Balloon Fest~

It is a fest every year will held once.
Hot air balloon competition at Putrajaya, our main purpose to go there is to ride on it.
But i think we when there a bit too too late~hahaha
so only can see from a distance can ride on it.

before Fest we when for movie and it is SUCK!!
Edge Of Darkness, quite boring if you can't understand what their acting about=="
rated 3/5~

then, lunch at A&W reach Putrajaya at 7pm, walk around wondering can we have a ride.
While waiting for the other to meet us.
nothing special just walking around look at the huge and cute balloon.
and the night ended with full of firecracker~!! most pretty firecracker i have ever seen~^^
PRETTY~ look like raining flower~
picture is with Kelvin kor~ he have uploaded to Facebook~ view there~^^

U4 gang when there early till the end of night~*clap *clap for them~
they took many picture and look nice and fun by playing their DLSR capturing jumping shot~xD
FUN~~~!! but I'm not in~~~~TT *SAD*

it all for tonight~
I'm tired!! back bone pain!! i think i twisted my waist=="

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