Saturday, March 6, 2010


Is That Really So Important?!

Most of my friends is sticking their head into some LOVE war or LOVE problem. Does LOVE really so important~!? i mean by couple~ or girlfriends boyfriends. I understand if you are desperate to have a partner cause most of your buddy or friends have a girlfriend boyfriend next to them. They also have ignore us or less hang out with us even less crapping with us, so we may envy them. But is it couple is better than single?! i really don't understand, anybody can tell me!? cause sometime i feel couple is making me less freedom and being control by someone. Anyway, hope friends which have a partner can be very very happy for those who have got their partner just ENJOY the single life before you regret~xD

Yesterday, after school when to many many many photo shop to wash out some wallet sizes photo. Damn tiring!! because of who i have to do so!! "HE" will know it when he saw the stuff, and few pieces of those small photo spend my 1meal money!! and i done the thing in around 3 hours~^^~ hope he will like it. Because we put many heart in it^^. Then rush back to take my bath and ready to PARTY~!! When to Maison again, almost every week when there==". This time damn many people, 20peeps 4Chivas all EMPTY even mixer also finish. Know some new friends most of them i can't remember their name. 1st drunk is Reno and also the worse drunker i ever see==" also the 1st time i saw him drunk till so blur made me have to drive him back his house~!! 2nd drunker Kelvin Teo, vomit from Maison to Puchong and to Sunway==". 3rd is Keith not serious drunk but sleeping at the table for 30minutes or 1hour.

Friday wake at 12pm so early!! and i fell not enough sleep!! and i did not eat anything and when to school. I only ate a piece of Kuih and drink 1 small bottle of mineral water!!==". i know it is so not healthy and it is not in my diet plan!! I swear~*** i was rushing and i forgot to eat. When home at 7pm+ i HATE MRR2 always jam at 5pm onward==" or 7am onward!! i stuck at MRR2 from Zoo Negara to Pandan Indah==" SUCK traffic!! and i reach home at 9pm+ and have my dinner at 10pm~~~~!!!

Today is my Cousin Jason Lim birthday~
*HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY* cause it already pass 12am^^"
Tomorrow is Uncle jeffu 22 Birthday~ 6.March.2010

may all your wish come true!! no more emo-ness~^^
And we decide to go Sunway karaoke~~YEA!! it will be fun i HOPE~!!

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