Friday, March 19, 2010


Maison night~

Another Maison night, most of my friends sure will say
" WHAT!! Maison again, you won't bored going there so many time"
i will answer
"Won't la~i go with all my buddy and my babe. + Maison song nicer then most of the club outside"
"Why don't go Poppy, Poppy fun also"
"Cause I'm only 19, Poppy need 21 it is so damn hard for the female to entry"=="

Yesterday night Keith damn DRUNK, only he drunk yesterday night. He lose his hand phone when he drunk.
yesterday quite fun. We got a nice table just next to the dance floor and we have place to dance next to our table.
last night sleep at 5am today wake at 3.30++pm and i missed my cycling section!! PEKCEK~
never mind next week go!!

Yesterday submitted my assignment but i receive another assignment~=="
and it look harder than the pass assignment=="

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