Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Yesterday[30 March 2010] was a most tiring surprise party we have ever planned.
and it is SPECIALLY for our Lovely Babe Ling [Notti Fam]

We have plan this 2 or 3days before her birthday.
Louis found a place where there a garden full of light decoration, it is really AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL place!!
it also attracted me when i 1st look at it from far distance!!
it is at Shah Alam, I-City. The place look quite new, cause they have only 1 cafe=="

back to the plan~~
We have told Ling that we will just celebrate her birthday by bring her to a special place and have a dinner together.
and also told her that night all will wear a RED dress and but we have wear WHITE^^
this the 1st surprise. [counted as semi success, cause she wear a BEIGE dress with RED flower==]

We told her that WeiLi did not join us, but the true is WeiLi when to the Cafe early with Louis for preparation. 2nd surprise [Semi success, i accidentally say WeiLi is here^^" *SORRY]

Than, we start our meal and by 10++PM, WeiLi mom have called and scolded her.
So she have to go back early, Herng, WaiLi and Keith also follow cause they have to go home early as well, so C.Soon fetch then home.
Of cause before they go back we have our Family photo~^^~

After that we when to have a walk at there, and we captured many many many picture~^^
last station is the garden with full of light decoration.
and the last surprise is there~!!^^

actually WeiLi, WaiLi, Herng, Keith and C.Soon did not when home, they when to the garden to prepare our surprise.
We use western candle and arranged Carina[Ling English name] and a BIG LOVE = WE LOVE CARINA.
and 5 of them will hide and we will bring Ling toward the candle
it was not the end, cause cake is just right behind her~^^~
with 2 birthday song, 1 from everyone and another is from Louis solo~!!
and the cake have Ling face on it~^^~
opps~forgot 1more thing, actually WeiLi mom did not called her, it just a fake call from Herng =signal to go prepare.^^ [SUCESS]

Really hope she will be happy forever and not dropping into another LOVE HOLE~^^
also Notti Fam can continue celebrating birthday together FOREVER.


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