Thursday, March 11, 2010


Monk WEEK~

Last Monday, after school straight away when to Time Square meet Reno and PaoPao for karaoke at Neway^^.
That day no voice, can't sing.
Im so damn full that day, so many food==" 3person ate 6person portion!! die or not, my diet plan no more.

my weight is 50kg, not increasing or decreasing.
i want 45KG!!!!!

Yesterday, so tired.
Got home bath not long sleep till 12am^^, mom wake me to dinner with dad.
Then, started my battle with Critical Assignment 1 finish at this morning 11am==".
When to school submit it and accept another assignment==" and it is harder than assignment 1~!!

When on my way to school an indian guy on motorcycle followed next to my car.

I wonder what he want so i look at him, GUESS what he do=="
he showing me his disgusting tongue, like seducing me!! so ugly indian GUY!! disgusting~ make me really want to show him middle finger==".

Of cause i did not do so.

This week I'm damn good staying at home after school, no tea time, no night hang out and no CLUBBING.
ONLY this week, Monk WEEK for Notti Fam!!=D
Because i can predict that next week will be a KRAZY week!!

our Monster Lee is coming back to Malaysia for whole month of April and PetPet Han ended his job on end of March and go Singapore work on begin of May.

We already plan what to do, but not can success or not.
Saturday = Shopping day
Sunday = Dinner at Tenji *Notti Fam*
Thursday = of cause the flavor night of all!! *clubbing*
follow on = Monster Lee think ba!!^^

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