Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tenji Night~!!

17 March 2010 -Wednesday-

When to school early as every Wednesday for this sem, then go to Keith lecture to pass my free time and it was so damn cool till i can't even sleep==". After school when to Dataran Prima, Pj for interview for a cooking oil roadshow in Jusco IOI Mall. Seriously, i have no interest in this job after knowing their promoter have to go for product training==". Interview ended at 4pm, so we rushed back tp Puchong so i can have a bath and prepare at 5pm to start our journey to search where is Mont Kiara, and i borrow my dad GPS but we don't know how it work~hahahah. We reached tenji at 6.15pm.^^~

When there with Kelvin Kor, Ling, Ah Shou Angie, Louis, Keith. Other can't go, and do you guys know it is a waste le!!xD. so damn many food, and beverage and also my favourite
ICE-CREAM!! We all separate go and took some food and start eating it 30minute later. So many thing on our table!! full of food!! got fresh coconut, TomYam seafood soup, sushi, sashimi, salmon, fresh oyster, tepanyaki, kimchi, flower snails, soft shell crab, cod fish, soba, torayaki and too much till i can't say out ar!! all of us started to feel full around 8pm~xD. Then, we grab some cawanmushi, Haagen-daz + Baskin Robin + Japanese Kindori ice-cream, some more salmon, some more tepanyaki, and some Wu Long tea, cause we are so full till can't move~XD.6person have ate 12peoples portion!! YENG~!!GENG~!!ZENG AR~!!

After dinner, suppose to find Ah Dear herng for basketball at 29 road but his mom scolded him and not allowed him out. So go home and start to rush my Critical Thinking Assignment 2~^^~

Then for tomorrow, go to Maison at night~!! hope more friends going!!XD

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