Sunday, March 7, 2010


Uncle Jeffu BIG DAY~

YeAP~ is Jeff BIG day = 22th Birthday, on 6th March 2010-Saturday-
nothing special, when to Sunway for karaoke at Red Box.
it is fun, about 11peeps go. We also prepare a cake and present for him, although he warn us " no cake, no present and no surprise ".
Fei and me have plan his present 3 or 4days before his birthday.
We called U4 kia to make a pieces of wished or something like photo album in size half of A4.
Then, Fei will bind it all together and i will buy a box and give him the gift.
although some can't make it to do so, but they also got heart and wished him *i think*.
back to March 6, after karaoke we when to Cinema for movie -Solomon Kane- not bad, **3.5/5.

Kelvin Teo also joined us for movie, but Evon, Kaede, Trista and Jason Liew did not cause they have to rush back home.

Finish our movie i when for a second round celebration=="
venue:: Kuchai Lama, Xuan Music Cafe
Time:: 8pm
Purpose:: Steffy early 19th Birthday celebration~^^~

i got there early, everyone look busy preparing themselves, so i just wait in my car.
i can't find a people to dinner with also=="
my stomach so damn suffer!!

then,8pm Reno finish his work meet me at OUG then we go Xuan together.
but both of us don't know where Xuan, make us turn here and there only we found it.
it is the other alley and it is the most corner shop.
if you did not look properly sure can't find it=="

We play "K master" game.
it play with using poker card. K is the master.
so whoever got K they can order any 2 card to do something.
it very fun, if your friends is very crazy and dare to do anything it will be very very CRAZY FUN~^^~

at 11pm left LiLi, Ling, Keith, Louis, PaoPao and me
they suggest to go Steven Corner.
but i have to go back, because my dad have scolded me and Kelvin is waiting me at Sutramas.
so i when back to Puchong, i meet kelvin but did not tea with him cause i feel tired.
so when home bath and sleep at 1 o 2am~^^

Overall of XUAN
#~Xuan environment very romantic *5/5*

#~Service of the waitress is SUCK!! *-5/5*
.she very no manners and have a shit face when serving us!!
.1more thing is they have no enough glass in that shop~how terrible is that!!

#~Performer *5/5*
.they have nice voice and they are friendly also, they will interact with the customer. *thumb up*

#~Food & Beverage *2/5
.food not special, very average only.
.Beverage look special but taste nothing.==" some even not enough

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