Thursday, April 29, 2010


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I work on Tuesday to Wednesday, it suppose to work till Thursday. Due to not many visitor and only exhibitor who are the 1 which walking around whole day, my boss say tomorrow [Thursday] not coming. So as what Mr Joel P'hng have cursed, i work for 2days and cut away 1day AGAIN==". Oh ya~ my Boss is Mr Desmond and his boss is Mr Derek and their colleague is Ms Fion. 3 of them are FUNNY~they like to crap like i do!! =D Quite enjoy working.

But damn boring, as you can see below the view of the booth next to the entrance!! no visitor at all!! You also can see how boring I am thru my Picture~^^"

This is the product, The Business Issues. It NEW on 2009. All about Sub knowledge, marketing and business. Do you see Ivanka Trump daughter's of Donald Trump, she is a beauty!! a model and a business woman. Owh~guess what this magazine promotion is~=="
##Subscription on spot for 6 issues only RM10, normal price is Rm72 for 12month##
This the launching stage which just right in front our booth==". Do you saw a screen there, that thingy really annoying, keep on showing the same thing for million time!! and even hypnotize me into sleep!!

**serious, i take a 5minute nap at there=="**Forgot to introduce, Daphenie who also work with me 2 days^^. We were so damn bored!! and keep tortured by the Air-con in that exhibition!! so freaking COLD!! and we keep on saying " free magazine " My name tag~!! COOL*** look so professional~!! xD Daphenie tag was named Nicole, cause Desmond don't know what her name so he just create a name and send it to the organizer.
Day 1:: Pink [color which i HATE the most] , pen shirt and black heels. My friends say i look like aunty!! i admit lo!! it really does~~!!

It is too boring, and i started to do STUPID UGLY face again. And Daph was laughing at me!! hahahaha~~ because there nothing to do and play. Magazine, newspaper and TV all about business not my field~!! and I'm still a teenage. Still got many more photo, i uploaded to my Facebook.^^"

Day 2:: a formal Dress from Christina Lim. Look more better~xD i LOVE the ribbon i tie at the middle~^^

Just now[Wednesday] After work waited for Daph's sis, which was Chris Friend come fetch us and we waited for 1hour more~!! then, she realize she have lost her parking ticket!! search search and search still can't find so pay RM50 fine==".

She drop me at Old Klang Road Center market, i wait for Carina to fetch me to Kuchai for another Interview. I waited her for more then 1 and half hours!!! TIRING~!! finish everything at 11pm++ got home around 12am bath and wanted to sleep early, but realize i have eat my dinner [HUNGRY] so cook TomYam maggi and i damn FULL now. Can't sleep~!!=="

This few days my mood were damn bad. No reason. Just no mood, only want to work and have some exercise!! lost a bit of interest in movie and sing karaoke even my friends invite me to cinema and Redbox i was like " erm~orh.. i think don't want la~tired ". i found that FOOD is my CURE, after i eat i feel more better^^.

i seriously tired, not enough sleep and work.
but i don't like to sleep.
Why human have to sleep to survive!? anyone?!
Nighty night Blogger and friends
~Sugar dream~


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't KNOW~

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I'm so confuse!!
don't even know what make me confusing about!!
Am I crazy=="

This April not so good for me==!
it is not a good month.
i think May will not better than April.
and hell yea~!! that day it nearer, and i don't feel like celebrating it!!

And i hate going to sleep, don't ask me why!!
i just hate those wake up and feel so unwell feeling.
i think i pretty weird as a human.

My brain is functioning every second even i sleeping it is still thinking many many many of thing.
do our brain have a off button or a pause button.
Because i starting to feel tired thinking about everything=="

** don't mind what i write, cause i can't even understand what i written and what i want **

Anyway, I'm happy that i moving into a new rented house.
and have a bunch of crazy housemate, hope they don't cause me any problem=="

and also HOPE the 3rd room can rent out~!! cause i have no more extra money to pay for more room=="
I'm a jobless student. which work not more than, 3days per week!!

Yesterday night i seriously thinking of not going to sleep, cause i have to wake at 6am to prepare to work.
And i still awake at 4am!!
so this morning i was like a zombie working at KLCC=="
i almost got lost in the LRT station==!!
and i was waving from left to right and right to left again the whole day!!=="
i even fall asleep while working, but that time no customer.

Than, night when to Sri Pelangi to clear everything from there and move to PV12~
Damn tiring but feel happy.

Monday, April 26, 2010


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CONTACT:: CAROLINE 017-6761075 / 016-9067652

CONTACT:: KELVEN 010-2904919 / 016-3216886

**Both Setapak, Danau Kota**
**both room at least can fit 2-3 bed!!**



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This morning is so disturbing!! oppss~not morning is afternoon. Due to what time i sleep is at AM and not PM so i always wake at PM==" [Don't understand, never mind]. Back to my disturbing AFTERNOON, today seen everyone miss me so much!! my mobile keep on ringing ringing ringing non stop~!! while i was having my good SLEEP~!! and i have to force myself to answer the phone and talk politely and sound not sleepy.

And Mr Marko from Singapore have "gave me an aeroplane" which we have done an appointment at Sheraton Hotel for GYM, but he did not call me==", maybe will do appointment other day.

Then, receive message from few people. Aruna asked me for the uniform and when to collect my payment==". Edison gave me Pv12 owner contact so i can contact her for our agreement to settle. Kelvin texts me many messages asking it is cancelled Marko date==". Ah Jing texts me asked me to go Maison this Thursday!!i hope i can go, cause Kelvin did not go i don't have transport==!

And last call was a guy called Desmond, he have job for me!! Yeah~~i have job for 3days^^ tomorrow till Thursday, and it is a easy job but have to wear Formal dressing like OL~!! i don't have any formal clothes!! so i have to wait Ah Pa come back and fetch me to IOI Mall for shopping!!=="
and i will work wit Daphenie~^^~

and Mr Joel P'hng CURSE me~!! he say " don't work 1day then jobless again " how evil is you!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


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[[The Crazies]]
This movie Quite nice, but i hate the ending!! not very special.
it was so Funny that the guy sit next to me is more scare than me!!he keep on cover eyes and his ears!!

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that this movie boring. I was saying my life is very boring!!!
Friday when who movie, than have my dinner at Kimtal B a nice cafe at Puchong.

Saturday and Today everyone look busy!!
*Kelvin and Keith working.
*Angie, Ling and Louis studying for their exam.
*WeiLi and LuYi mom don't let them out.
*other also less go out with them=="

just came back from my parent factory, helping my mom on her work!! damn tiring and hot!! I sweat like bathing~~!!
got home right away rushing to bathroom!! Now refreshing~~^^
And mom making some "bubu chahca" my favourite~YuMmy~~~~~

*i wanted to go movie tonight!! siapa mau!? i haven watch Titans!!=="

Friday, April 23, 2010

The END~!!

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Yesterday 22April Thursday-

Work at Exhibition center next to The Mines with CHoy Cin.
damn tiring, whole day stand wearing heels!!
and it only 1 day, actually it was 4 days till Sunday.
but that chief executive say no sale and too many staff so cut us away!!=="

GREEN TECH ASIA 2010-Exhibition-

The new product from them -Snap-

See what i mean!! Tiring~ no people!! so sleepy standing there and nothing do!!

This M. Dorai~ 1of the staff damn funny guys!!xD

Other product~ air sanitize

other than standing, i also distribute flyer and keep saying 1sentence word!!=="

say until very very tired!!=="
below is me cam whoring while I'm waiting for Choy Cin mom fetch us~
damn BORING~ so i have UGLY-ing myself~~~
actually i like to take crazy picture more than pretty picture~^^

still got more~i will upload to my Facebook

and Night i when to Maison~
with "1986 de ren" Mevlyn and HoneyStar~^^

having fun with them, hope got chance to go again~
picture before when out~~

Actually still got many~all in my lappy~
will upload very soon to FB~^^
i personally ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ this~^^
seriously i have no idea why i pose like that=="
look damn not me!!=D

later when out with Notti Fam again
Movie at Sunway " The Crazies "
hope not a lame movie~!! if not PUII PUII~~
enjoy your weekend~Blogger and Friends~^^

Thursday, April 22, 2010


2:12 AM 2
Tomorrow i have to go work!! long time did work! ^^"
opss~~i mean later~now already is Thursday~
few more hours and i have to go work!!
I'm so damm lazy!! cause if quite long i did not work!!
my last work should be AdAsia event 2009 on my 2nd sem~

this time exhibition uniform provided and it is a male S size!!
i try it on just now and it look so AUNTY!!!!
got chance i will take picture and post up=="

have to go by myself~!! no car that stupid company did not provided transportation!!
and they wanted to give me RM10 only for transport!!
for sure not enough lo!! even go also more than RM10~!!! *kedekut*
have to take taxi go and back!! so tiring~=="
and i forgot to ask them can i claim back for go home taxi bill==!!!

today is 22 April 2010 -Saturday-
and my bird-day is 11 May 2010 -Tuesday-
from today to that day it left 19days!!=="
hope someone remember, but i think **** won't remember. Because people so damn busy!!
anyway, who cares!! since long ago my birthday i just pass thru damn normal.
every time birthday sure meet mother day or exam day!! effing no mood!!
sure no cake~!!

many people ask me where i go on my birthday, i don't know.
stay home eat myself~=="

don't care~~is future thing, still have 3week to go.
i have to sleep now, if not 100% i can't wake for work!!
night blogger and my friends~^^~
sugar dream

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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Yeah~!! I GOT A JOB~~~

Yesterday was a rushy day for me=="
12pm When to Kelana Jaya for Interview at Pub, maybe starting work next week Wednesday to Friday night^^
Meet Nick the Mercy-Side lounge boss^^~ a very nice guy age 28years old.
after interview, when tea with him at Old Town.
then, he asked us to stay at his pub to have some drink and chat==".
1st time so early drink beer~!! did you get any offer like this?!
interview, boss treat you tea and beer~!!=="

then, rush to Danau Kota to discuss house rental.
got there at 7.30pm, and everything settle and we got a better price^^
On the way to Danau Kota it was damn heavy rain!! and the sky is so dark!!
i can see clear at night + heavy rain totally BLANK for me=="
and also JAM like hell!!

today, wake early for another interview at Puchong Puteri, as a ticket promoter.
weekend work, part-time for a business workshop company.
Salary normal, but the incentive quite nice!! but hard to sell =="

after interview when to OUG for "tau fu fa" with Notti Fam^^
long time no "tff" i ate 2bowl~ and "char kuey teow" YumMY~!

then, rush to Bangsar for another interview with Choy Cin.
it a exhibition work, only distribute booklet and flyer. Their product are floor cleanser and etc.
salary acceptable, working for 4days^^. no transport provided, but they say will give me RM10 for taxi fee or just give them resit and claim back.
Fiona will replace C.Cin, cause C.Cin no transport also.
**quite dislike what Choy Cin plan!! she not good in this==" dislike the way she ask working detail!! make me damn angry her and ignore her!!**

because of this job, i called all my babe for a black skirt and a black heel=="
tiring!!! but i finally got a formal black skirt & black formal heel from
Sarah Babe~
and black normal skirt from LiLi Darling~ a Black mini skirt from Angie Honey~^^"
will figure out which to wear~XD

i have settle my Rented house thingy, just wait for pay deposit and sign contract!!
new house in MAY~^^
and very very happy that i have a job!! mean i have MONEY~!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Boring Day

1:47 AM 0

Everyday wake up 1st time on my mind
" what should i do for today "
so damn boring, holiday!!
no WORK = no MONEY
damn boring lo!!! everyday reach 1pm sure got 1 message asked

" Where are you? any plan? "
Look like everyone is bored~xD

Today early in the morning 10am, Okay for some of YOU it is damn late~but it still my EARLY morning=="
my dad have called the peeps to come to clean all air-con and put on the new air-con my dad bought it yesterday for my grandparents.
it is so noisy till i can't sleep and have headache!! ter-force wake up at 11pm++

then, continue searching for my part-time job~!! and upload picture. I receive a STUPID news, say that the rental for the unit i rent raise from RM1.4k to RM1.5k~!! and i feel we being scammed=="

Then, Keith called us to movie, at Sunway. Watched Being Human [Singapore] very funny~!! 4.5/5******
damn funny~!!

have my lunch at Ichiban for RM20, And EzDancer RM2,
pay for RM1 parking, movie RM12 and lastly dinner at Steven Corner for Roti Cheese & Teh O Limau Ais = RM6

totally i used RM41 in 1day~!!!
i can really announce i officially BANKRUPT again~!! and I'm jobless~!!

go out have to ask money from dad!! how embarrassing!!!
hate asking dad for money~!!!
so any work~~ Usherette or Flyer girl~!! or Event/Exhibition also can~!!!!

**i feel my life now is so damn miserable!! and useless~online whole day, eat online sleep or wait people date only~!! what kind of life is this!!! i want job~!! i want MONEY~!!! don't want to take money from dad~!!**

Dad say "who want BAK KUT TEH tomorrow, please wake up early"
^^3 Night~!! i wANT~!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


10:45 PM 2
Few day can't online~!!
P1 you really messy around~!!! on half way system down!!
now got back my line but so so so slow!!

Wednesday 14April2010

My dad birthday^^
it his 49years birthday, as usually we bought him a cake.
it is his favourite Pandan Cake~
we have dinner at Chong Wah Restaurant.
dad order,
*Steam fish
*Scallop broccoli
*Salty egg Prawn!! YumMy
*Black pepper Deer meat
*Seafoos claypot!!

Yesterday, Morning when to Shah Alam, Taman Pertanian^^
very fun~!! believe me.
there got Paintball field, got don't know what trekking and a 4season house and bicycle to rent.

Paintball War will go next time.
trekking no interest!~ ={
4season house although quite pretty, but not necessary go in, waste money!!
That day when there for Cycling~^^
having fun there, to bad Weili, Ling and Luyi miss it!!
next week wanted to go again~ with sis^^

today whole boring~!!
grow spider web all over me, i can dust on my head!!
when out to IOI Mall alone to see whether i can buy a black short pant or not.
but all so ugly and damn EXPENSIVE=="

then, go mamak tea with Kelvin, Angie, Keith and Albert.

What a boring day!!!
i actually should be working today.
but that PK employer ffk me!!! PEKCEK~!!!
Yesterday night, also let another guys ffk~!!
make-up half way receive news
" sorry, tomorrow only start work " but till now no news at all!!!!




today all hand phone spoiled i think!!
SMS no people reply!! hand phone throw away la!!=="


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please STOP~!!

4:38 AM 0

cigarette, it is so tasty!?
why is everyone like it so much, they treat smoking like a daily meal!?
seriously wondering!! i asked most of the smoker, they giving me same answer~
"cause after smoke my stress will go away"
but does it really work!?

and i just asked 1 of my friend can you stop smoking for like 1week? he told me
"erm~quite hard. But i try before 2 days stop" =]

Is Time To Stop

Is time to stop smoking, throw away just for 1week!! but can they?
it is OK for a smoker to do so!? i know it is very very very hard for them.
But can't they do for their own good? or their family and friends.
Smoking don't bring benefit, it only will harm health and also peoples around you.
Do you think before what will happen if they keep on inhale second hand smoke!?
and most of the lung Cancer patience is a non-smoker.
So before you smoke think twice about people around you!!

Moreover, cigarette market price is increasing day by day, month by month, year by year.
Why don't smoker just save up all the money for car, house or luxury life other than cigarette.
1packet of cigarette cost RM20+ why not keep it and go McDonald for 2Set of McDeluxy, right?!


  • Nicotine: a DEADLY POISON

  • Arsenic: used in RAT POISON

  • Methane: a component of ROCKET FUEL

  • Ammonia: found in FLOOR CLEANER

  • Cadmium: used in BATTERIES
  • Carbon Monoxide: part of CAR EXHAUST

  • Formaldehyde: used to PRESERVE BODY TISSUE

  • Hydrogen Cyanide: the poison used in GAS CHAMBERS

after reading the ingredients and what use of it, my heart trembled for few second=="

I Try To

Ya~i know most of them really have think to stop smoking, even some have try stop smoking.
but most of it can't really stop, WHY??
reason or excuses can be many. People will find excuses to avoid from doing something they don't like.
that's why they can really stop.

How To Stop

  • Avoid places and situations where you normally smoke.

  • Spend a few days or a week away from your friends who smoke.

  • Go to non-smoking places with your friends, like the mall or the movies.

  • Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol will likely lower your willpower and increase your chances of having a cigarette.

  • If your family smokes, ask them to not smoke in your room.

  • Exercise. It will take your mind off smoking, make you feel better, and keep you healthy.♥♥♥

  • Plan activities during the first couple of weeks to take your mind off smoking. It will be easier to quit if you keep yourself busy.♥

  • Buy lots of carrots, celery, and other healthy foods so you can munch instead of smoke.♥

##kinda agree with the Exercise 1, cause it will our mind clear ^^♥♥♥♥♥

for those with 1♥ not very agree.

##Like keeping themselves busy will make them stress, and most of them smoke cause stress==".

##carrot and celery not everyone like the taste, i think replace it with some finger/stick cookies such as Rocky^^~YuMmy♥
or even some peppermint, fresh mint or other mints flavor sweet with low sugar or sugar free can do so. Example~ Eclipse[which written SUGAR FREE=="].

i QUITE not agree with

## Avoid places cause it really won't work, if they usually smoke at their working place==". We can't just simply told them to change work place, right?!

## They can't stop hanging out with their buddy's if they stay near by. Or if those friends were someone who he will meet everyday. i think just stay away from them when they smoking.

## Going to non-smoking area, not a bad idea. But most of the non-smoking area will build-in a smoking area==!! Like cinema, next to the toilet it is a smoking area. Shopping mall, will have public phone stand or staircase as smoking area.

## Most people with brain won't smoke in their room, they will go out to parking lot or balcony to smoke.

Effect After Quit

  1. Normally when they really quited for few day or 1week, in that period they will suffer or desperate/craving or hunger of cigarette. Try to find something to do, so your mind will stop think of it. Or just simply get some Sweet, fruit, vegetable or cookies and stuck your mouth with it.

  2. Within a week or two, the nicotine craving will go away and you will feel more like yourself. In the beginning you also might feel frustrated, moody, or depressed. It may seem like you are all alone in your suffering and that no one understands what you are going through. Although this will be hard, these feelings will go away with time. After a couple weeks, you will be over the hardest part of quitting - the physical addiction, when your body feels like it needs nicotine. However, it may still be hard to resist having a cigarette. The habit of having a cigarette in your hand and smoking while you do certain activities, like talking on the phone or hanging out with friends, can be difficult to break.

While Quitting

If you give in and have a cigarette while you are trying to quit, don't worry! This doesn't mean you can't quit. Quitting is a very hard thing to do, and it is not surprising that you might break down and have a cigarette at some point. The important thing is not to use this as a reason to become a regular smoker again. Think of it as a mistake and tell yourself that you won't let it happen again. You can do it!

Success Quitting

Many people get through the toughest part of quitting and mistakenly think that they can start smoking a cigarette once in a while again. Very soon, their old habits come back and they find themselves addicted once again. Quitting is difficult for most people so once you quit, make a commitment to yourself that you won't light up again!
If i Started Again

If you try to quit and it doesn't work, don't give up. Quitting is very hard. Think about why quitting didn't work for you. Only YOU know why you like to smoke, and only YOU can figure out what it will take for you to quit. Start thinking about what you can do to help yourself quit for good. Try quitting again in a few weeks and use what you learned from your first experience to make it work the second time.

NOT most of it is ORIGINALLY from Miss.Caroline.Lzt
And Credit to Young Women's Health
Because some i take from there^^"
Really hope you can QUIT smoking

Monday, April 12, 2010

Come and Have a Look!!

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Did you guys heard before Eumora!?
it is a herb Soap for Sensitive Skin and Skin problem user.
Normal skin can use it as well.

Therapeutic Properties of Moor revealed from research conducted throughout Europe over the past 50 years. :

(Easily absorbed by the body) The substances present are in colloidal and bivalent form, thus they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the system.

The moor contains lignin and bitumen, both of which contains high proportions of phenol substances and these acts as natural antiseptic.

The high proportion of humic acid and other humus substances enables the moor to both draw and absorb toxic substances trapped in the tissues. Detoxification is widely recognized as an important component of health care maintenance and anti-aging.

Moor has consistently been found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

The presence of humic acids also causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the moor.

The Moor has been clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and to be able to harmonize with and benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.

Just add clean water to create a thick lather, apply gently onto skin, leave on for 2 minutes or more, rinse off with water. Enjoy the effects of the conditioned skin as it continues throughout the day.YES, it’s THAT easy!

Now not only can solve your skin problem, you want run a Business too~^^
PM me if have Interest about Eumora~
Caroline Lim zt

more detail please kindly view
Eumora site~^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girl, Female, Lady, Woman?!

4:39 PM 0
I'm so boring.
Whole day nothing to do~!
whole day facing my Sweet Lappie~^^♥
FaceBook-ing~ Search for House~ search for Part-time job~
kinda happy, because got 3owners have reply me tomorrow going to see house.
and also having 2 job on hand!!^^ Saturday interview ♥

actually i kinda frustrated now~!!
cause i retyping every single words on this post!!
i accidentally deleted the whole thing and saved it=="
so this post will be shorter than the original 1~~T.T

Okay~this post main topic wasn't my daily life~^^

Today Topic~~~

Female can be define into many type.
  • Pure/natural beauty and kind hearted♥♥

  • Average look, sporty and boyish.

  • Normal look, good personality but bossy

  • Not pretty, but kind hearted and good personality

  • Pure/natural beauty, but bitchy

  • Average look, talk harshly and a smoker

  • Not pretty, bossy, bad personality and bitchy

## Pure/natural beauty is every male dream girl and female jealous about. They have look plus with kind hearted = PERFECT. Nowadays, this kind of species not many, because many cosmetic product and plastic surgery. So if you meet one, appreciate her^^♥ [Guys sure like this kind of female]

## Average look female can be very pretty if they put some make-up they will look great^^. Sporty female is good, they are active in everything and won't anti-social. But sometime sporty bring boyish, should put more feminine into ourselves. [Guys treat sporty/boyish female as best friend or buddy, guys will like it but chances low]

## Look normal is not a big problem, just have to find a suitable hairstyle, clothing and make-up they can be as pretty as Jolin[Got LAZY people, no UGLY people]. But bossy is irritating even though personality good, bossy girl should control a bit. [Guys don't like being control by girlfriend]

## Not pretty is not a sin. If GOD let you choose before you born will you choose to be not pretty[So don't BOYCOTT them=="]. Although, they don't look pretty, but they still have a kind heart, never think negative and won't anti-social. I most ADMIRE kind of female~♥ ^^3 *thumb up* [Not all guys look at the cover, they will look into the contain too]

## Normally pure/natural beauty and bossy, most of them is from rich family. They have being pampered by their family, male species and also their friends. Even though they have beauty but bossy make people hate you. [Guy will like them, even they over bossy]

## How a Female look not everything. When you saw a female look great but her hand was holding a cigarette it will totally spoil her image[STOP smoking, if you a female smoker. You can replace cigarette using sweet/chocolate or cookie]. Harsh words can scare the guys away, try to use less harsh word[try use different language to communicate. Example~ using Mandarin if you normally speak in Cantonese]. [Guy like pretty female, but they HATE rude and female smoker]

## This is the kind of female everyone hate==". Not pretty not sin, but if NOT PRETTY + BOSSY + BAD ATTITUDE = HOPELESS~!! if outside not pretty, at least inside must have a red pinkish pretty heart. Really speechless for this kind of person, only can say try to change yourself. [I don't think guys will like this kind of female=="]

Everything in this post is ORIGINALLY from Miss.Caroline.Lzt
All of this is my own opinion.
Agree don't agree depend on yourself.
Don't come and "bark" at me.


The Difference Between Love and Crushes

2:07 AM 0
Q: How to differentiate between love and crush? The sources on the internet often contradict so I need the pros to discuss. Possibly Baronic?

Crushes and Love

Crush is that rush of feelings u feel all of a sudden. especially when u meet someone new. Those so called "love at first sight" is never love, they're ALWAYS crushes. You cannot fall in love with someone you do not know. U have to understand the person intimately before you can consider that you're in love.

Crushes are merely a surge of attraction u feel for someone, whether its just a physical attribute you're attracted to, or a character trait. You can suddenly notice and learn to like the character of your close friend and have a crush on them. (if its your close friend, and u understand her very well, its possible to skip the crush phase and go fall in love as u understand the person already)

Although a lot of people think, "oooo i got a crush on someone, i cant get over them, help T.T" thats actually pure BS. They watched too many korean movies. As i said earlier a crush is merely a very strong feeling of attraction.

One can even have a crush on SOMEONE ELSE while being in love with another. You can totally love your partner and still find someone else who has a trait that u like, attractive. WHich is perfectly normal and fine. What matters is what your proceed to do once you already have this crush


i) accept that u find this person very attractive, how your heart skips a beat every time u see the person, and keep telling yourself how much u "love" her and cant live without her, which is stupid and self detrimental, as you havent even dated her yet, and you're already encouraging your lil crush to go to the extremes. Or worse, if you're already in a relationship, you convince yourself to leave the person u love for the person u THOUGHT you're in love with.

ii) Accept that you find this person attractive, and let it slide. let it sorta wash over you. Don't fight it down exactly, since the more u try to NOT think of something, the more you tend to actually DO think of something. Just accept it. understand it. "Ah, i'm having a small crush on this person. i wonder why. oh its because she's always cheerful. that's nice." and walk away, knowing that this is the kinda trait that u like. In time, this attraction will dim itself down or fade away, as long as u learn to accept it and let it wash over u.

iii) If u are single and find that u wish to pursue the crush, you must first again, like step 2, learn to accept it, and understand it. Learn to to think "ah, i have a crush on her. i think hmmm, its because she's really cute when she smiles, its physical attraction". Once u understand your crush, and its trait, as in whether physical or what not, u can try to ask her out perhaps, to get to learn her more. Because u UNDERSTAND your crush, u know what to look out for when u date, to ensure you're truly compatible. (fine she's attractive when she's happy, when she's sad? other habits? etc)I'm not saying be a robot and analyze the relationship like one, but understanding and knowing how to judge a relationship objectively, rather than being like a giddy school girl who only knows how to say "i love him i love him i love him" without understanding why, can help your relationship TRULY last long. You have foundation, you have compatibility, and if u can handle the emotional aspects of the relationship, then you've found a mate.

Then your crush will evolve into love, and you probably cant really tell the differences. I wont go and describe how a person in love would behave as it varies. But remember, you cannot "love" a person when u don't know the person

If u get rejected and break down a cry like a rejected puppy, you're in step i)

Here's something i got from teenadvice, which i agree upon, to complement my last point. See bolded ones.

Signs of a good healthy relationship

  1. You can't help but smile when you see her/him and s/he is always smiling back.
  2. You feel comfortable and secure in the relationship and really trust your partner not to hurt you; ie, there is no need for jealousy or suspicion.
  3. There have been good times and bad times and through, or in spite of, them all you have remained together.
  4. There are no major dramas in the relationship; ie, you do not test one anothers love, engage in relationship foiling gossip or feel the need to play games.
  5. You each do kind and thoughtful things for the other "just because" and doing them makes both people feel good.
  6. Outside pressures are few and far between; there are none or only minor issues with peers, friends, family and teachers.
  7. There is no violence in the relationship at all -- NONE!
  8. You enhance one another, neither one of you presses the other to do things that may lead to harm or that the other is opposed to doing.
  9. The things that make you different do not push you apart; ie, different religions, cultural backgrounds or personal beliefs.
  10. There is no sacrifice, only compromise.
  11. Sex or no sex: it doesn't matter, either way it isn't an issue and nobody has been pressured to do something they weren't ready to do.
  12. You know that everything you feel is returned in kind by your partner.

I damn LOVE sentence 11.

Copy from/Credit to~~~:: Heretical Ranting


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Should I~!?

10:20 PM 0
Should i~!? i got a job~
but my sis does not like it.
my parent definitely won't let me work if they know it.
but payment is very very HIGH and easy to earn!!
got payment 1day after work.
so HOW~!?


sudden plan, when to Maison.
cause Reno haven when to Singapore.
farewell for him, and every is having fun that's day^^
so so so many people go!!
Notti Fam :: Kelvin, Reno, Keith, Louis, S.Kit, PaoPao, Angie, Amy and Carina
Tarc:: Kevin, Joshua and Ginny
Another:: Ah Jing, Jenny, F.Ling, JP [Korean guy], Thai Yit, Fat Fat, "Nicholas Tze", "Zhan Zi Wai" and 2Amy Friends

and saw Tom and Daisy gang.
and also Louis college mate, Max and Elvis.


When to school at 11am for Color wheel and Color Scale submission.
and i got 81marks for overall, if no mistake~^^"
that day was KaiXian birthday and SiJian was 8April so we when to 1Utama for movie.
almost the whole U4 when!!
watched How To Train A Dragon[3D] AMAZING~
nice cartoon~~

we watched 30minutes trailer and advertisement and some problem occur.
movie have stopped before it start, GSC worker ask us to get back our refund.
but 5minutes later someone came and say it fixed!!
can continue!!!

after movie, i rush back to OUG for LuYi and C.Soon birthday celebration, at Telephone Restaurant.
Yea~LuYi and KaiXian birthday is on a same day.
Fei they all have helped KaiXian celebrate birthday at Telephone Restaurant also but at Setapak.
C.Soon is 10April~


wake at 2.30++pm and i was waked by Kenny=="
we have dated to have tea before he when back to Miri.
when to IOI Mall and i go by BUS~!!
long time did not take bus, don't even know what the price=="
and back wanted to take taxi, and guess what that FUCKER drive say!!
" Wawasan2 ar~ RM12 la " i turn around and go away!!
FUCK THEM~!! from Sri Petaling to Puchong only RM11 u want charge me RM12!!
better go rob bank la!!!

than, take bus.
and that bus uncle damn nice!!^^
Yesterday night is my first time sleep so early!!hahaha
cause i have insomia problem quite long~
only can sleep after 3am=="

8 April 2010
~Before when out~


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everything is END~!!

2:56 PM 0
This the end of our 3rd Sem~
successfully ended our V-award exhibition~
Our Color Card have been nominated as best game~but did not win~^^"

everything ended with fun!!^^
although it is really tiring!!
but still enjoying

time passed very very fast, and our Lovely Reno have when to Johor just now.
but yesterday as what we planed~!!
when to Genting to and done something embarrassing and FUN!!
we capture quite many picture, but can't post any of it~
maybe will but not now^^
yesterday night i really having some funny!!

we got police block for 3 times!!
2Police 1JPJ~
all the same!! *duit KOPI*
HATE police!!! they SHIT~!! only want money!!
for money they can trial us!! GO DIE!!!

it is happy that finally can sleep till whenever i want!!
but it is so damn SAD that i have no JOB!!
i need MONEY!~~!!!
intro some job!!~!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


6:28 PM 0
Yesterday rushed for today Exhibition thingy, till 5am++
i slept for 2hour and wake.
Jeff for waking me~if not i sure 100% late=="

I look so pale and panda eyes look terrible=="
i drive myself to college and it is jamming from EconSave to Ampang!!
and i was so sleepy and almost crash to the car in front of me
so journey i was like sleeping and my body drive me there~ *creepy*
But lucky safety reach college.

and start our Exhibition, quite normal nothing special.
but other group look very very nice^^
DGD and Advertising was so damn pro~
and actually we all enjoy at there taking picture and taking free cookie and beverage!! XD
we also walk here and there to play.

But it is so tiring.
then everything end at 4pm.
i walk from
Sport Complex to main door then to TBR and to my car!!
it was so
TIRING!! and it was hot like Barbecue!! i SWEAT like bathing=="
while driving myself home,
ONCE AGAIN i almost crash to the car in front and beside me.
I also almost crash myself to the divider==" and it not once is several time!!!

Whole day haven eat anything, just finish a cup of maggi~
but still feel hungry~!!
don't care, have a nap first~^^

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm a PIG

4:48 PM 0

I'm a PIG~
because i play too much i lack of sleep.
cause want a better body i diet and eat less.
but i still play anywhere anytime i can, because I'm HYPER-ACTIVE!! =}
tonight have to RUSH for tomorrow Exhibition [V-award] come and support us KL Tarcian.

I plan what should i do on my Sem Break, this week is my last week~
i have to submit my Color assignment. *phew*

this Thursday Reno kor will go Singapore *sad*
so this Wednesday we have a surprise and extreme PLAN!! NO AEROPLANE!!! is a PROMISE^^

remember i say i have a mood to go Genting Highland on my previous post!
yeah~i when there after Kaiji^^
it was so FUN and so FREEZING!! *enjoying*

you feel curious why i post this picture?
this is a job, but i can't say it out too detail about it.
just being a supporter at Ulu Selangor!=="
on 3April Saturday.

After work, got home at 8pm
bath and ate my dinner, and start collecting "spider-web" ={
Lucky Mr Jeffu Lim go movie with me~!!^^
watched Future X-Cop~ 1word SHIT~!!
2.5/5**** quite lame and the graphic is so speechless=="
i think it is worthless to watch at cinema~
ADuii~~ never mind la.. see watch with who je!! =D

Yesterday night when to Sunway with Reno
eat our brunch, then meet with Kelvin, Jepun and MunZai
something very very very very funny happen!! *LMAO* ask me lo~if want to know
ate Yong Tau Fu for dinner^^~~ *YumMy*
and when to Neway!! *tiring*
1st time sing Karaoke for

Friday, April 2, 2010


5:43 PM 0
WaO~!! as usual morning HOT like HELL~!!
afternoon RAIN and COLD like HEAVEN!!=="
also as usual i can't wake for morning class!!!
my dad came to my room as scream at me for 2minute~~ *I'm SORRY*

whole say facing this screen, nothing to do!
sitting in room, so cold!!
listening to my sis movie sound and don't understand what the movie story line about!!
any thing to do!!

but tonight it is the time!!
for MOVIE~!!
Kor have booked
Kaiji at Pavilion but midnight 11.50pm
YEaH~!! waited so long and it is here!!^^

suddenly have mood to go Genting Highland~
WHO want to go=="
or Melaka~~^^

Isk~~isk~ just remember tomorrow going for work=="
at don't know what Ulu Selangor!!
2hours distance!!OMG~!!!


Gentlemen or Not~!?

3:40 AM 0
no offence ar~just what i think!!^^

~When you go out with a girl~

*don't walk in front her.
*find any topic to talk to her.
*if she wear heel, walk beside her [you will understand]
*if she wear skirt, cover for her when going up or down from escalator

*automatically gave her a jacket although she does not feel cold
*ask her if she need any drink or popcorn
*ask her do she need to go to toilet before movie
*half way she want to go toilet, accompany her

*pull a chair for her
*don't sit immediately,make sure she have a chair.
*don't shake legs [it annoy me a lot]
*don't smoke [1day don't smoke won't die]
*or ask it is OK to smoke
[even she say she don't mind, she maybe shy to say "i mind"]

*send her home if she look tired^^
*say good night, sleep early and sweet dream [if it is night]
*kissed her forehead or cheek before she when away [ not necessary for friend=="]
*send her into her house [if she stay at condo or apartment]
*wait her to got into her house and locked the door before you leave
[not gate]

My April FOOL~xD

3:17 AM 0
April FOOL~
My friends really think I'm easy to be cheated~
SORRY!! NO~!!!
count trick i have rejected~^^
1st:: BuBu~ say going to marry on 20-10-2010
2nd:: LiYe~ say Please Be my girlfriend
3rd:: EngKang~say you FREE, Please be my date
4th:: Ling~ say Caro help me!! my car broke down
5th:: Dear YukFen~say why you came to m school today
6th:: LiLi~ say ei~someone who you won't believe just propose to me!!
i have tricked~XD
1st~Jeff:: Eh, want come visit me or not?! I now at hospital d. high blood pressure and Ping xue.
2nd:: Ling & Angie~ actually me and Dear herng have started as couple since 13March!!xD
*actually this year is my 1st year play trick*

Submitted CCT assignment^^
so happy~ that it is almost the end of my 1st year as DML
now leave Color Exhibition
after class when to Feng house, waited for 30minute and let house owner FFK
when home it was jam like hell!! everywhere!!
When for movie with Jeff at Sunway^^

Beauty On Duty~NICE!!hilarious~~
4.5/5** really must watch~and it is better than Pandora Box^^