Monday, April 26, 2010



This morning is so disturbing!! oppss~not morning is afternoon. Due to what time i sleep is at AM and not PM so i always wake at PM==" [Don't understand, never mind]. Back to my disturbing AFTERNOON, today seen everyone miss me so much!! my mobile keep on ringing ringing ringing non stop~!! while i was having my good SLEEP~!! and i have to force myself to answer the phone and talk politely and sound not sleepy.

And Mr Marko from Singapore have "gave me an aeroplane" which we have done an appointment at Sheraton Hotel for GYM, but he did not call me==", maybe will do appointment other day.

Then, receive message from few people. Aruna asked me for the uniform and when to collect my payment==". Edison gave me Pv12 owner contact so i can contact her for our agreement to settle. Kelvin texts me many messages asking it is cancelled Marko date==". Ah Jing texts me asked me to go Maison this Thursday!!i hope i can go, cause Kelvin did not go i don't have transport==!

And last call was a guy called Desmond, he have job for me!! Yeah~~i have job for 3days^^ tomorrow till Thursday, and it is a easy job but have to wear Formal dressing like OL~!! i don't have any formal clothes!! so i have to wait Ah Pa come back and fetch me to IOI Mall for shopping!!=="
and i will work wit Daphenie~^^~

and Mr Joel P'hng CURSE me~!! he say " don't work 1day then jobless again " how evil is you!!!

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