Sunday, April 18, 2010


Another Boring Day


Everyday wake up 1st time on my mind
" what should i do for today "
so damn boring, holiday!!
no WORK = no MONEY
damn boring lo!!! everyday reach 1pm sure got 1 message asked

" Where are you? any plan? "
Look like everyone is bored~xD

Today early in the morning 10am, Okay for some of YOU it is damn late~but it still my EARLY morning=="
my dad have called the peeps to come to clean all air-con and put on the new air-con my dad bought it yesterday for my grandparents.
it is so noisy till i can't sleep and have headache!! ter-force wake up at 11pm++

then, continue searching for my part-time job~!! and upload picture. I receive a STUPID news, say that the rental for the unit i rent raise from RM1.4k to RM1.5k~!! and i feel we being scammed=="

Then, Keith called us to movie, at Sunway. Watched Being Human [Singapore] very funny~!! 4.5/5******
damn funny~!!

have my lunch at Ichiban for RM20, And EzDancer RM2,
pay for RM1 parking, movie RM12 and lastly dinner at Steven Corner for Roti Cheese & Teh O Limau Ais = RM6

totally i used RM41 in 1day~!!!
i can really announce i officially BANKRUPT again~!! and I'm jobless~!!

go out have to ask money from dad!! how embarrassing!!!
hate asking dad for money~!!!
so any work~~ Usherette or Flyer girl~!! or Event/Exhibition also can~!!!!

**i feel my life now is so damn miserable!! and useless~online whole day, eat online sleep or wait people date only~!! what kind of life is this!!! i want job~!! i want MONEY~!!! don't want to take money from dad~!!**

Dad say "who want BAK KUT TEH tomorrow, please wake up early"
^^3 Night~!! i wANT~!!

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