Friday, April 2, 2010



WaO~!! as usual morning HOT like HELL~!!
afternoon RAIN and COLD like HEAVEN!!=="
also as usual i can't wake for morning class!!!
my dad came to my room as scream at me for 2minute~~ *I'm SORRY*

whole say facing this screen, nothing to do!
sitting in room, so cold!!
listening to my sis movie sound and don't understand what the movie story line about!!
any thing to do!!

but tonight it is the time!!
for MOVIE~!!
Kor have booked
Kaiji at Pavilion but midnight 11.50pm
YEaH~!! waited so long and it is here!!^^

suddenly have mood to go Genting Highland~
WHO want to go=="
or Melaka~~^^

Isk~~isk~ just remember tomorrow going for work=="
at don't know what Ulu Selangor!!
2hours distance!!OMG~!!!

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