Sunday, April 25, 2010



[[The Crazies]]
This movie Quite nice, but i hate the ending!! not very special.
it was so Funny that the guy sit next to me is more scare than me!!he keep on cover eyes and his ears!!

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that this movie boring. I was saying my life is very boring!!!
Friday when who movie, than have my dinner at Kimtal B a nice cafe at Puchong.

Saturday and Today everyone look busy!!
*Kelvin and Keith working.
*Angie, Ling and Louis studying for their exam.
*WeiLi and LuYi mom don't let them out.
*other also less go out with them=="

just came back from my parent factory, helping my mom on her work!! damn tiring and hot!! I sweat like bathing~~!!
got home right away rushing to bathroom!! Now refreshing~~^^
And mom making some "bubu chahca" my favourite~YuMmy~~~~~

*i wanted to go movie tonight!! siapa mau!? i haven watch Titans!!=="


-lu yi- said...

watch new movie again~~~
no one ask me for movie wor.. but i went to sunway with my family.. kaka~

ms. sarah said...

Omg.. U haven watch titans ??? Lol

Carolinelzt said...

luYi:: ceh~~so we call also no use lo!!=="
Sarah:: YuP~!! i haven!! dont even try to tel me the story!! i surely kill u~=="