Monday, April 12, 2010


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Did you guys heard before Eumora!?
it is a herb Soap for Sensitive Skin and Skin problem user.
Normal skin can use it as well.

Therapeutic Properties of Moor revealed from research conducted throughout Europe over the past 50 years. :

(Easily absorbed by the body) The substances present are in colloidal and bivalent form, thus they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the system.

The moor contains lignin and bitumen, both of which contains high proportions of phenol substances and these acts as natural antiseptic.

The high proportion of humic acid and other humus substances enables the moor to both draw and absorb toxic substances trapped in the tissues. Detoxification is widely recognized as an important component of health care maintenance and anti-aging.

Moor has consistently been found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

The presence of humic acids also causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the moor.

The Moor has been clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and to be able to harmonize with and benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.

Just add clean water to create a thick lather, apply gently onto skin, leave on for 2 minutes or more, rinse off with water. Enjoy the effects of the conditioned skin as it continues throughout the day.YES, it’s THAT easy!

Now not only can solve your skin problem, you want run a Business too~^^
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