Thursday, April 22, 2010



Tomorrow i have to go work!! long time did work! ^^"
opss~~i mean later~now already is Thursday~
few more hours and i have to go work!!
I'm so damm lazy!! cause if quite long i did not work!!
my last work should be AdAsia event 2009 on my 2nd sem~

this time exhibition uniform provided and it is a male S size!!
i try it on just now and it look so AUNTY!!!!
got chance i will take picture and post up=="

have to go by myself~!! no car that stupid company did not provided transportation!!
and they wanted to give me RM10 only for transport!!
for sure not enough lo!! even go also more than RM10~!!! *kedekut*
have to take taxi go and back!! so tiring~=="
and i forgot to ask them can i claim back for go home taxi bill==!!!

today is 22 April 2010 -Saturday-
and my bird-day is 11 May 2010 -Tuesday-
from today to that day it left 19days!!=="
hope someone remember, but i think **** won't remember. Because people so damn busy!!
anyway, who cares!! since long ago my birthday i just pass thru damn normal.
every time birthday sure meet mother day or exam day!! effing no mood!!
sure no cake~!!

many people ask me where i go on my birthday, i don't know.
stay home eat myself~=="

don't care~~is future thing, still have 3week to go.
i have to sleep now, if not 100% i can't wake for work!!
night blogger and my friends~^^~
sugar dream


ms. sarah said...

u more good la..
got ppl ask u go where
but me .. XDER !!
lol ..

Carolinelzt said...

ceh wa~~~they ask je la!!
but did plan celebrate for me de lo!!><"