Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Don't KNOW~

I'm so confuse!!
don't even know what make me confusing about!!
Am I crazy=="

This April not so good for me==!
it is not a good month.
i think May will not better than April.
and hell yea~!! that day it nearer, and i don't feel like celebrating it!!

And i hate going to sleep, don't ask me why!!
i just hate those wake up and feel so unwell feeling.
i think i pretty weird as a human.

My brain is functioning every second even i sleeping it is still thinking many many many of thing.
do our brain have a off button or a pause button.
Because i starting to feel tired thinking about everything=="

** don't mind what i write, cause i can't even understand what i written and what i want **

Anyway, I'm happy that i moving into a new rented house.
and have a bunch of crazy housemate, hope they don't cause me any problem=="

and also HOPE the 3rd room can rent out~!! cause i have no more extra money to pay for more room=="
I'm a jobless student. which work not more than, 3days per week!!

Yesterday night i seriously thinking of not going to sleep, cause i have to wake at 6am to prepare to work.
And i still awake at 4am!!
so this morning i was like a zombie working at KLCC=="
i almost got lost in the LRT station==!!
and i was waving from left to right and right to left again the whole day!!=="
i even fall asleep while working, but that time no customer.

Than, night when to Sri Pelangi to clear everything from there and move to PV12~
Damn tiring but feel happy.

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