Thursday, April 8, 2010


Everything is END~!!

This the end of our 3rd Sem~
successfully ended our V-award exhibition~
Our Color Card have been nominated as best game~but did not win~^^"

everything ended with fun!!^^
although it is really tiring!!
but still enjoying

time passed very very fast, and our Lovely Reno have when to Johor just now.
but yesterday as what we planed~!!
when to Genting to and done something embarrassing and FUN!!
we capture quite many picture, but can't post any of it~
maybe will but not now^^
yesterday night i really having some funny!!

we got police block for 3 times!!
2Police 1JPJ~
all the same!! *duit KOPI*
HATE police!!! they SHIT~!! only want money!!
for money they can trial us!! GO DIE!!!

it is happy that finally can sleep till whenever i want!!
but it is so damn SAD that i have no JOB!!
i need MONEY!~~!!!
intro some job!!~!!

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