Sunday, April 11, 2010


Girl, Female, Lady, Woman?!

I'm so boring.
Whole day nothing to do~!
whole day facing my Sweet Lappie~^^♥
FaceBook-ing~ Search for House~ search for Part-time job~
kinda happy, because got 3owners have reply me tomorrow going to see house.
and also having 2 job on hand!!^^ Saturday interview ♥

actually i kinda frustrated now~!!
cause i retyping every single words on this post!!
i accidentally deleted the whole thing and saved it=="
so this post will be shorter than the original 1~~T.T

Okay~this post main topic wasn't my daily life~^^

Today Topic~~~

Female can be define into many type.
  • Pure/natural beauty and kind hearted♥♥

  • Average look, sporty and boyish.

  • Normal look, good personality but bossy

  • Not pretty, but kind hearted and good personality

  • Pure/natural beauty, but bitchy

  • Average look, talk harshly and a smoker

  • Not pretty, bossy, bad personality and bitchy

## Pure/natural beauty is every male dream girl and female jealous about. They have look plus with kind hearted = PERFECT. Nowadays, this kind of species not many, because many cosmetic product and plastic surgery. So if you meet one, appreciate her^^♥ [Guys sure like this kind of female]

## Average look female can be very pretty if they put some make-up they will look great^^. Sporty female is good, they are active in everything and won't anti-social. But sometime sporty bring boyish, should put more feminine into ourselves. [Guys treat sporty/boyish female as best friend or buddy, guys will like it but chances low]

## Look normal is not a big problem, just have to find a suitable hairstyle, clothing and make-up they can be as pretty as Jolin[Got LAZY people, no UGLY people]. But bossy is irritating even though personality good, bossy girl should control a bit. [Guys don't like being control by girlfriend]

## Not pretty is not a sin. If GOD let you choose before you born will you choose to be not pretty[So don't BOYCOTT them=="]. Although, they don't look pretty, but they still have a kind heart, never think negative and won't anti-social. I most ADMIRE kind of female~♥ ^^3 *thumb up* [Not all guys look at the cover, they will look into the contain too]

## Normally pure/natural beauty and bossy, most of them is from rich family. They have being pampered by their family, male species and also their friends. Even though they have beauty but bossy make people hate you. [Guy will like them, even they over bossy]

## How a Female look not everything. When you saw a female look great but her hand was holding a cigarette it will totally spoil her image[STOP smoking, if you a female smoker. You can replace cigarette using sweet/chocolate or cookie]. Harsh words can scare the guys away, try to use less harsh word[try use different language to communicate. Example~ using Mandarin if you normally speak in Cantonese]. [Guy like pretty female, but they HATE rude and female smoker]

## This is the kind of female everyone hate==". Not pretty not sin, but if NOT PRETTY + BOSSY + BAD ATTITUDE = HOPELESS~!! if outside not pretty, at least inside must have a red pinkish pretty heart. Really speechless for this kind of person, only can say try to change yourself. [I don't think guys will like this kind of female=="]

Everything in this post is ORIGINALLY from Miss.Caroline.Lzt
All of this is my own opinion.
Agree don't agree depend on yourself.
Don't come and "bark" at me.

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