Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Yeah~!! I GOT A JOB~~~

Yesterday was a rushy day for me=="
12pm When to Kelana Jaya for Interview at Pub, maybe starting work next week Wednesday to Friday night^^
Meet Nick the Mercy-Side lounge boss^^~ a very nice guy age 28years old.
after interview, when tea with him at Old Town.
then, he asked us to stay at his pub to have some drink and chat==".
1st time so early drink beer~!! did you get any offer like this?!
interview, boss treat you tea and beer~!!=="

then, rush to Danau Kota to discuss house rental.
got there at 7.30pm, and everything settle and we got a better price^^
On the way to Danau Kota it was damn heavy rain!! and the sky is so dark!!
i can see clear at night + heavy rain totally BLANK for me=="
and also JAM like hell!!

today, wake early for another interview at Puchong Puteri, as a ticket promoter.
weekend work, part-time for a business workshop company.
Salary normal, but the incentive quite nice!! but hard to sell =="

after interview when to OUG for "tau fu fa" with Notti Fam^^
long time no "tff" i ate 2bowl~ and "char kuey teow" YumMY~!

then, rush to Bangsar for another interview with Choy Cin.
it a exhibition work, only distribute booklet and flyer. Their product are floor cleanser and etc.
salary acceptable, working for 4days^^. no transport provided, but they say will give me RM10 for taxi fee or just give them resit and claim back.
Fiona will replace C.Cin, cause C.Cin no transport also.
**quite dislike what Choy Cin plan!! she not good in this==" dislike the way she ask working detail!! make me damn angry her and ignore her!!**

because of this job, i called all my babe for a black skirt and a black heel=="
tiring!!! but i finally got a formal black skirt & black formal heel from
Sarah Babe~
and black normal skirt from LiLi Darling~ a Black mini skirt from Angie Honey~^^"
will figure out which to wear~XD

i have settle my Rented house thingy, just wait for pay deposit and sign contract!!
new house in MAY~^^
and very very happy that i have a job!! mean i have MONEY~!!

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