Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a PIG

I'm a PIG~
because i play too much i lack of sleep.
cause want a better body i diet and eat less.
but i still play anywhere anytime i can, because I'm HYPER-ACTIVE!! =}
tonight have to RUSH for tomorrow Exhibition [V-award] come and support us KL Tarcian.

I plan what should i do on my Sem Break, this week is my last week~
i have to submit my Color assignment. *phew*

this Thursday Reno kor will go Singapore *sad*
so this Wednesday we have a surprise and extreme PLAN!! NO AEROPLANE!!! is a PROMISE^^

remember i say i have a mood to go Genting Highland on my previous post!
yeah~i when there after Kaiji^^
it was so FUN and so FREEZING!! *enjoying*

you feel curious why i post this picture?
this is a job, but i can't say it out too detail about it.
just being a supporter at Ulu Selangor!=="
on 3April Saturday.

After work, got home at 8pm
bath and ate my dinner, and start collecting "spider-web" ={
Lucky Mr Jeffu Lim go movie with me~!!^^
watched Future X-Cop~ 1word SHIT~!!
2.5/5**** quite lame and the graphic is so speechless=="
i think it is worthless to watch at cinema~
ADuii~~ never mind la.. see watch with who je!! =D

Yesterday night when to Sunway with Reno
eat our brunch, then meet with Kelvin, Jepun and MunZai
something very very very very funny happen!! *LMAO* ask me lo~if want to know
ate Yong Tau Fu for dinner^^~~ *YumMy*
and when to Neway!! *tiring*
1st time sing Karaoke for

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