Friday, April 16, 2010



Few day can't online~!!
P1 you really messy around~!!! on half way system down!!
now got back my line but so so so slow!!

Wednesday 14April2010

My dad birthday^^
it his 49years birthday, as usually we bought him a cake.
it is his favourite Pandan Cake~
we have dinner at Chong Wah Restaurant.
dad order,
*Steam fish
*Scallop broccoli
*Salty egg Prawn!! YumMy
*Black pepper Deer meat
*Seafoos claypot!!

Yesterday, Morning when to Shah Alam, Taman Pertanian^^
very fun~!! believe me.
there got Paintball field, got don't know what trekking and a 4season house and bicycle to rent.

Paintball War will go next time.
trekking no interest!~ ={
4season house although quite pretty, but not necessary go in, waste money!!
That day when there for Cycling~^^
having fun there, to bad Weili, Ling and Luyi miss it!!
next week wanted to go again~ with sis^^

today whole boring~!!
grow spider web all over me, i can dust on my head!!
when out to IOI Mall alone to see whether i can buy a black short pant or not.
but all so ugly and damn EXPENSIVE=="

then, go mamak tea with Kelvin, Angie, Keith and Albert.

What a boring day!!!
i actually should be working today.
but that PK employer ffk me!!! PEKCEK~!!!
Yesterday night, also let another guys ffk~!!
make-up half way receive news
" sorry, tomorrow only start work " but till now no news at all!!!!




today all hand phone spoiled i think!!
SMS no people reply!! hand phone throw away la!!=="


-lu yi- said...

lolx~ yeah, missed da fun.. will go there one day..
go learn cyclin together with wei li.. haha~

Carolinelzt said...

ya~should learn!!