Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Yesterday rushed for today Exhibition thingy, till 5am++
i slept for 2hour and wake.
Jeff for waking me~if not i sure 100% late=="

I look so pale and panda eyes look terrible=="
i drive myself to college and it is jamming from EconSave to Ampang!!
and i was so sleepy and almost crash to the car in front of me
so journey i was like sleeping and my body drive me there~ *creepy*
But lucky safety reach college.

and start our Exhibition, quite normal nothing special.
but other group look very very nice^^
DGD and Advertising was so damn pro~
and actually we all enjoy at there taking picture and taking free cookie and beverage!! XD
we also walk here and there to play.

But it is so tiring.
then everything end at 4pm.
i walk from
Sport Complex to main door then to TBR and to my car!!
it was so
TIRING!! and it was hot like Barbecue!! i SWEAT like bathing=="
while driving myself home,
ONCE AGAIN i almost crash to the car in front and beside me.
I also almost crash myself to the divider==" and it not once is several time!!!

Whole day haven eat anything, just finish a cup of maggi~
but still feel hungry~!!
don't care, have a nap first~^^

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