Friday, April 2, 2010


My April FOOL~xD

April FOOL~
My friends really think I'm easy to be cheated~
SORRY!! NO~!!!
count trick i have rejected~^^
1st:: BuBu~ say going to marry on 20-10-2010
2nd:: LiYe~ say Please Be my girlfriend
3rd:: EngKang~say you FREE, Please be my date
4th:: Ling~ say Caro help me!! my car broke down
5th:: Dear YukFen~say why you came to m school today
6th:: LiLi~ say ei~someone who you won't believe just propose to me!!
i have tricked~XD
1st~Jeff:: Eh, want come visit me or not?! I now at hospital d. high blood pressure and Ping xue.
2nd:: Ling & Angie~ actually me and Dear herng have started as couple since 13March!!xD
*actually this year is my 1st year play trick*

Submitted CCT assignment^^
so happy~ that it is almost the end of my 1st year as DML
now leave Color Exhibition
after class when to Feng house, waited for 30minute and let house owner FFK
when home it was jam like hell!! everywhere!!
When for movie with Jeff at Sunway^^

Beauty On Duty~NICE!!hilarious~~
4.5/5** really must watch~and it is better than Pandora Box^^

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