Saturday, April 10, 2010


Should I~!?

Should i~!? i got a job~
but my sis does not like it.
my parent definitely won't let me work if they know it.
but payment is very very HIGH and easy to earn!!
got payment 1day after work.
so HOW~!?


sudden plan, when to Maison.
cause Reno haven when to Singapore.
farewell for him, and every is having fun that's day^^
so so so many people go!!
Notti Fam :: Kelvin, Reno, Keith, Louis, S.Kit, PaoPao, Angie, Amy and Carina
Tarc:: Kevin, Joshua and Ginny
Another:: Ah Jing, Jenny, F.Ling, JP [Korean guy], Thai Yit, Fat Fat, "Nicholas Tze", "Zhan Zi Wai" and 2Amy Friends

and saw Tom and Daisy gang.
and also Louis college mate, Max and Elvis.


When to school at 11am for Color wheel and Color Scale submission.
and i got 81marks for overall, if no mistake~^^"
that day was KaiXian birthday and SiJian was 8April so we when to 1Utama for movie.
almost the whole U4 when!!
watched How To Train A Dragon[3D] AMAZING~
nice cartoon~~

we watched 30minutes trailer and advertisement and some problem occur.
movie have stopped before it start, GSC worker ask us to get back our refund.
but 5minutes later someone came and say it fixed!!
can continue!!!

after movie, i rush back to OUG for LuYi and C.Soon birthday celebration, at Telephone Restaurant.
Yea~LuYi and KaiXian birthday is on a same day.
Fei they all have helped KaiXian celebrate birthday at Telephone Restaurant also but at Setapak.
C.Soon is 10April~


wake at 2.30++pm and i was waked by Kenny=="
we have dated to have tea before he when back to Miri.
when to IOI Mall and i go by BUS~!!
long time did not take bus, don't even know what the price=="
and back wanted to take taxi, and guess what that FUCKER drive say!!
" Wawasan2 ar~ RM12 la " i turn around and go away!!
FUCK THEM~!! from Sri Petaling to Puchong only RM11 u want charge me RM12!!
better go rob bank la!!!

than, take bus.
and that bus uncle damn nice!!^^
Yesterday night is my first time sleep so early!!hahaha
cause i have insomia problem quite long~
only can sleep after 3am=="

8 April 2010
~Before when out~

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