Sunday, May 30, 2010


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Friday -28 May 2010-

When to Tesco for SUSHI KING with Dar. My favourite food!! Than when to IOI Mall for movie "Sherk-The Final Chapter" quite nice chapter^^. The Cat so damn cute, become so fat!! and Sherk and Fiona children is so CUTE!!!! Also Donkey and Dragon children damn adorable!!

Thursday -27 May 2010-

When to Maison with my housemate and some Notti Fam for Jing birthday. Her Sweet 19th~HaPPy BirdDay~ Something nasty happen, WHATSOEVER!! Don't care. Mr Foo is DOWN~!! and sleeping in my toilet~!! isk~isk~~~~
Before when to Maison, when to Wangsa walk with U4 Kia for Prince Of Persia. Damn nice~^^ should watch~ The Princess so pretty and Daston handsome and MAN!!
Flip animation!! Friday, when for class but end up everyone playing with Mac desktop and online!! waited for 30minute ZOOM~ when to movie, because that lecturer did not show up==" and i don't know how to do flip animation~!! Miniman 100pages maximun 200pages!! what should i draw!!
Here 1 example of flip animation i found~^^~ very nice~!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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Yup~~as what the title written!! I'm WIFI-ing at 9's[Nice] Cafe down stair of my house[PV12]. Have my dinner also, with Edison. Food not bad, juice got fruit taste~hahahah~!!environment also not bad, got air-conditional~ BUT!! got fly~~~~~~~~~ and they annoy me!! very very much~!! flying here and there around me~isk~isk~~!!

PV12 haven got any Internet line, so everyone is here just to WIFI==". Don't believe come here at night u will see many student sitting here^^.

I have officially started to live in PV12 and many problem is disturbing me!!
  1. This time I'm living in a master room ALONE~!! I actually feel creepy, cause i long time did not sleep alone and this room is damn big==". The other medium have rented out^^ to a couple from Puchong, my hometown. I have met them before!! hahah~~cause all just staying in their own room hardly can met each other~lolx
  2. My study table haven fix yet, Sunday call AhPa come help me make^^. Then still need to buy some needed thingy like toilet broom, shoe rack, floor mat and etc etc~ *phew* [pouring money AGAIN].
  3. The STUPID Streamyx say PV12 have got the Internet port thingy yet!! So Maybe have to wait 6month to have Internet line==!!
  4. My other housemate E* and F* having cold war!! Hope they could end it as fast as possible, because we will be living together for 1year!! And both of them also my friends it is very hard for me to choose to help which side!! so i think i will not help any of them and also helping both of them at a same time!!=_="
  5. Other than all above, that another problem!! The floor is damn dirty 24hours dirty. After sweep not more than 2hours floor got sand again. Every time got those insect[which look like ants but got wing 1 you guys should know what insect i talking about right!?] Keep flying into my room!! In the morning their dead body left in my room=="
  6. Money is also a important trouble for me. Living here i have to support myself. 2-3meals a day, petrol, assignment money and some extra budget for entertainment. X(

Today when to school no late~^^ good!! ^^3 *thumb up* for myself. Got 3hours break!! i HATE break and have nothing can do *waste of time+money* ==!! Today my class finish classes at 8pm night!!! so dark, first time so late at college lo!! creepy lo~~scary!!
Haix~ a bit tired!! feel sleep, but Kelven and Xiao Feng want to tea with me later!! maybe they miss me cause too long did not see me!!ahhahaha~~

Miss my Dar~
He day day work~!!
I day day college~!!
Only Tuesday can meet or when i work he come fetch me home!!=="

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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As a begin of this post, let have a look at this picture~^^
cute or not!? Michelin Tyre mascot, as most of the people know it la!!
Does this thingy look like Kenny Chee Eng Kang~!!hahahaha~~
so muscular and " hou hou da "~~!! damn funny lo~~Kelvin saw it and say look like Kenny!!
i work for 2 days at Sunway Jusco for the Ideal Celebrity Chief again, but this time less promoter only 6promoter and a very small booth we have there==". People who walk around also not many!! Still this job is tiring~!! But still having fun with other colleague, chief, DJ, MC and supervisor~^^~

And guess what~!? I saw my Primary school friend again!! ya, no mistake is AGAIN. Last 2week i work for the same Event at The Curve and i meet Amanda and this time i say Kenny Yap Kok Fei and he is not just passing by, but he's my SUPERVISOR==" duh~~ he can't recognize me when he saw me, and was taking long time for him to think what my name!! ADUIII~~~how dare you forgot my name!!

I think nothing really happen to be very special to mention~^^~ Owh~i found what i should buy for him^^~!! So now what i have to do is wait for my SALARY~!! can't wait to see my bank account to have money again~=="And this time LuJi did not work with me, she working with Angie at KLCC Beauty Expo Fair. So Kelvin replaced her. While break i when for a walk at Sunway and saw many shop having SALES!!! 70% 50% 20%~!! SHIT~!! Always the same, when I'm bankrupt they having sales!! and the Beauty Expo Fair i wanted to go!! But no money!!==" Wanted to ask money from parents but I'm feel so shame if i ask money from they!! Ask Dar to pay for me, i don't think so, he have no responsibility to support my life==". Only can wait other Beauty Fair and next SALES season!! *cry hard*

Ending this post with a not a perfect snap of the Ideal promoter group picture~~ *claps*claps*
Hope that Adam will send it to Wennassa and Henry will get it as well=="

Friday, May 21, 2010


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Once again "A pilot have gave me an AEROPLANE". They have promised me about a job of Beauty Expo for today and MOnday, but end up yesterday night before i sleep i receive a message say~::::

*Sorry to whoever receive this message, the promoter final list is out and it is my boss choice. It mean you guys no need to attend tomorrow job. I'm Sorry*

Something like this, i have deleted the message!!==" Don't know what kind of expression i have after receive this message!! should give a big smile, cause no need to wake up early for only RM80~ but also sad cause i need money now!!! RM38 to buy a Bonita Bag also hard for me!!!

And I'm happy with my result and my CGPA increased a bit~^^~ but also sad that "someone" told me that his CGPA dropped but still higher than me!! isk~isk~~~~

and U4 kia all going
i-City now!! Once again i can't join them!!! since 3rd Semester i less join them in whatever activities they plan!! *sad*

Thursday, May 20, 2010


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My 3rd semester result is out~^^~ I'm quite happy with it!! My CGPA increase a bit bit!! although this mind not very surprising to some people!! but for me very very nice result. You will understand after see the different of my result since 1st Sem~

Today when to college to attend TTG lecturer~ Applied Photography. We will have 3 assignment and it will be group assignment. We have to design some poster and magazine. Hope won't use many MONEY again!! Cause i really bankrupt!! Pocket left RM10 and my Bank only left RM50!! Can't afford to pay my school fee of RM1550!!! And other fee at my new rented house!! Can you imagine how poor I'm now!?
My dad also can't support us more longer, cause he is getting old. It really sad that looking at my parent have to work from morning to night, came home with a tired face and still bringing home their work!! And his parents [my grandparent] and their child's [my siblings] thought their son and parent was superhero or have a pool full of GOLD~!! Really feel like stop studying and start working!!


Start tomorrow i mind not online or seldom online.
Start working tomorrow till Monday.
Tuesday will start living at Setapak Pv12, there can't apply Streamyx!!
Because don't know what what what no port!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Another day working with LuJi^^~ It was Sunday 16May2010, work as Maxis Broadband for 1 day~~and it was tiring!!! standing there whole day shouting the same thing again~!! "MAXIS BROADBAND FREE MODEM" or "MAXIS BROADBAND RM18 PER MONTH" SUPER DUPER TIRED~!!
Meet new friends again~^^~ Vinc, Ivan and Kuan~ also a nice guy call Ping~!! is really funny to work with them!! i sold 2 modem~ and also served a HK lady who live at Malaysia 11years++ and she damn annoying!! don't want to write anything about her~!!! cause too many to write about her can't finish writing her in 1week!!!

Actually, that day i suppose to go
MidValley to buy my DSLR bag. BUT money is more important!!hahah~~ so i asked Catherine help me and YES she bought it back!! damn happy~!! but i found out that the bag is too small for my lovely D70!!! WTF~ and that promoter told me before that it can fit D70!! he lie me!!!

Take picture in the toilet~SLACKING-


When to Puchong Jaya Public Bank to get back my cheque which can't bank in cause RMC company have written my name wrongly!!== STUPID***
Guess what!? i when to counter 16 and that guy told me he can't find my cheque!! and he told me that i may have banked in at other branch, so i when to Puteri P.Bank. Same thing when to the last counter and that lady told me she can't find it either!!! Wasted my time!!! and i will wait till the bank call again and they directly send back the cheque to my house~!!
Then, when to Tesco buy some daily use stuff with my parent. and i bought many stuff!! total bill is Rm300~ *phew*
And wait for Ghino come to fetch me to Setapak and help me to move my thing too.

take picture while waiting for AhPa, he when to buy some roti canai for us~^^


1st day of 2nd years~ 18May2010 Tuesday-
i should not when to college!! cause i just attend a 15minute Lecture!! Waste of time. It was Interface Design, it was Mr Clifford. After lecture when to MidValley to change a bigger DSLR bag. GUESS WHAT~!? that shop is close for renovation!!! OMG~~ i feel so scammed!!
Then, when for dinner and movie *Furry don't know what* not bad~quite funny but not logic la~~xD
isk~ What can i do about that bag~!? Wait them to re-open!? or sell it to other and buy another suitable bag!! But i DAMN LIKE this bag~~~TT
HOW~!? WHAT SHOULD I DO~!? Anyone can give me a suggestion please!? Cause my Lovely D70 really need a new comfort "BED"
Him and Me~^^~

Today 19May2010 Im damn regret of having KFC as breakfast*my breakfast was at 4pm*!! Damn full and my class was cancelled!! Wasted my MONEY on KFC~!! and RM20 for my petrol~!! RM2.2 for tol fee~!!! Fei told me when i almost reached college!!==" How terrible is that!!! Then, when to LiLi house thought go Cheras night market but no one is available!!==" So just when to Steven have tea with LiLi~!! BORING~!!
This is life~~Study or work, eat, movie, karaoke and sleep~!!

Tomorrow photography class, TTG again~^^
hope no sudden class cancel~!!
~Nighty Night~

Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Yesterday~was a SHIT FRIDAY to me!!
Planed to go Taman Pertanian with Notti Fam *10peoples*
reach there and know that yesterday was Friday and Malay have to go to Mosque to Pray!!
and the Bike Shop keeper was all Malay, and the canteen aunty say they will open at 2pm++
so we decide to wait till 2pm, but end up 1pm we go away!! Cause not worth at all!! 4.30pm they will be closing!!
So we Wasted our Rm3 for the entry fee!! and wasted my energy to wake so early!! also wasted my Rm6 for breakfast and it wasn't that tasty!!!

Then, when to WeiLi college [HELP college] *without Luji and Herng, they wanted to go home early*. WeiLi have something to do, so we followed her and have our lunch at McDonald!! and you will feel full after you saw all out fried poured out on the tray!! so i wasted RM8 for the McDonald McDeluxe Regular and Rm10 for Hotlink Reload!!

Then, we when to tea at "Tin Yin Tau Fu Fa" after, fetch Angie and Kelvin kor home~and i wasted Rm2.2 for a bowl of cold TauFuFa~!! After tea when to Midvalley for movie *Nightmare* is a must watch!! 4/5 very creepy+scary!!! wasted Rm10 and Rm5 for hot dog!!=="

so total i used around Rm45 ==" waste money!!!

Yesterday, i saw Nikon and other Camera brand having promo!! and i saw a DSLR bag look nice and not expensive!! i want it~!! too bad no red color!! but my dad say not giving me any money cause i when out to much!! TT and the promo is till Sunday onlY!!! i have to get money for it!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Celebrated my 19th Birthday at 2 places~^^
1st~Klang "Ice-Cream and Coffee House" nice environment~
Celebrated with a bunch of crazy friends~~~~ no photo, all at the other mobile~SORRY
Ghino Dar bought me a Cappuccino cake with a LOVE on it~ DELICIOUS~!!! ♥♥♥
Waiting him in the car~^^
2nd Place~ The Curve,The Street "Garden"
Food not bad and environment NICE~~^^ comfortable and relaxing~~
Sorry my photo not very clear, Kelvin kor have more clearer photo wait him upload~^^
This is mine Spaghetti Marinara
SoongKit~Carbonara~ most of it i did not take photo, cause I'm hungry~^^
The Cuppa "U BITCH" cake from my Buddy~♥♥♥♥♥
So cute right~^^ look Delicious~!! the icing very SWEET!=="
the cupcake still taste good~^^

I'm wishing, take me long time to think~!!
Me and Ghino Dar "Don't know why he look so LC"
DarLing and me~^^
Buddys and me~^^ Everyone~^^
The Babes~^^
Me while waiting for Ghino~
Blur look~
Fetching me home~^^
Ghino Dar~~LOVE pendant♥♥♥♥♥
Kelvin KOr~GOLD packet
QingChunDou BertBert~~"love letter" ♥
My Babes~~"2ns ZhuTing" ♥♥♥
The gift i got~~^^

more photo will be uploaded on FB~^^
and guess what~!!?
Mr LIM DAO XIANG have wished me just now!!
how dare him so late!!!
as a punishment please come back with my birthday gift!!
Tomorrow go Taman Pertanian CYCLING agaiN!!^^ yeaH~~
this time i think most of the Notti Fam is there~^^


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Plenty of wished wanted to make, but can't too greedy later the only 3wishes also no more!!


Night when to Klang, celebrated with Ghino and Klang friends^^. Suppose to have bak kut teh as dinner but don't know why change to Ice-cream and Coffee house. It was funny, cause Mr Pai Kut noisy mouth and his hyper-active personality!! and that day so many people birthday lo!! included me i think got 4people^^" Thank for Ghino gift and the Cappuccino cake very nice!!^^


When to TheCut have dye my hair to brownish gold AGAIN==" a bit disappointed la~not very sharp color!! never mind la~ and cut a bit. Thank for Tom he gave me a free hair treatment and free hair cut as birthday gift.

Then, when to Midvalley have lunch with Ghino dar and watch movie. Finally, i watched "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" it a Malaysia movie, story line very nice but some of the actor/actress look like read their line from book~==" and we choose a SUCK sit!!! Hall 11 sit 15 and 16~!! forgot what roll d!! useless SIT~!!

After movie, rush to The Curve to have dinner with Notti Fam. Although not completely, Reno to Singapore work, LiLi on vacation, Soon Penang Study, PaoPao Work, YingYing transport problem. But thank for the Cuppa "U Bitch" Cake and all the gift~^^" Kor~Gold Pao!! QingChunDou~"LOVE' letter!! My Babes~ "2nd ZhuTing"~!! and The "u Bitch" from my Buddy~^^ ThaNK YOU very muchie!!

and thank to other WISHES from FB and TEXT~^^


At Ghino Dar house, do nothing since he have off day so accompany him. Just realize he interested in badminton competition~hahah^^" paiseh~ Then 6pm fetched me home, and he when to watch basketball competition near my house while waiting me. Night, when to Cheras night market with him and Nix. So hot, crowded and FULL~!!!=="


Tonight Jason called me to Maison again!!==" no mood for Maison~SORRY MAN~!! so today will stay at home~!!^^ good le~!! And i saw my timetable it is SUCK~!! i have class start at 8am!!! and class ar 6.30pm-8pm~!!! WTF~!!!! SSH office YOU SUCK!!!!

Photo will upload later~^^
Blasting MAY~!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


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I'm Work for 2 Days~!! and it is TIRING~!! Standing there for whole day, from 10am - 10pm!! pity us!! selling Ideal evaporated milk and also promoting the audition for Celebrity Chief Season 2. Below is all photo from Friday 7May - Sunday 8May.

Friday -7May 2010-

I'm to boring at home,
so thinking for to tie up my hair so i won't feel hot and sweating~!!
hahah and i got an IDEA~!!
TA DAA~~this it is~^^

so NICE~!? it is working~~^^?

Saturday -8May 2010-

I'm wake up at 8am, for work==" so lazy to work BUT for money anything laa!! Make up and wake my dad, reach The Curve at 9.30am. It quite fun but tiring. My leg was numb and my back bone damn pain, can't really stand straight anymore! that day it is so damn HOT and DAMN SUNNY~!! like i tanning at the beach~!! I also knew some new friends Henry, Arron, Cally, Happy, Berry, Peggy and our Supervisor Vanessa^^. Also very crazy, LOVE to play^^ happy to working with them.

owh~ya.. This fellow is Ghino. he fetched me home for 2 days!! thanks and LOVE ya~ accompany him dinner at McDonald~pity!! And rushed home to celebrate MOTHER's DAY with grandma, my Aunty May and Mom. Grandma gave every of us 1 red pack although the money only few ringgit, still touching and i saw grandma eyes gt tears.

Sunday -9May 2010-
Happy MOTHER's DAY~!! i know it a bit too late to say greet so!! I'm work, so forgive me^^". 2nd days of work, i SLEPT late!! so i reach there at 9.45am, so i have to buy breakfast at McD==" and start working it was more easier cause not sunny day!!^^ but still very hot cause that stupid chief uniform!! and we sold more than Saturday! This event will held another section at Sunway on 22nd and 23rd May~^^ come join us or enter the Audition~^^

which character look nicer!? left from Henry and right is mine with my signature there~^^hahah~~ drew it when we on our break!! *phew* below was LU JI~!! she is FOR SALE~~ come bid as high as you like if you want her!! xD joking only~~
nah~this is Miss Berry~ Sweet and lovely smile she have^^ and you can't really guess how old is she~~let have a guess~^^ see whether you are right or not~

and this is Mr Henry, which LOVE to talk, disturb people, dance and he is our CASHIER~!!hahahhaha~ 1more thing he from TAR College too^^ how coincidence~!? and YOU sure can't recognize him if you saw his ID and IC photo~!!hahahahaha
This the End of working at The Curve~^^ and i KNOW I LOOK SHORT IN THIS UNIFORM~=="

Today is 10May 2010 and it mean my LOVELY BABE Sarah is OFFICIALLY 19th and she still as "crispy" as 18years old^^ and sexy forever!! and SWEET with her Mr MRR2^^. all the best my BABE~~!! MuaCKx~~LoVE YA~!!!

and tomorrow will be my OFFICIALLY 19th==" and im not as lucky as Sarah!! CAUSE i never "crispy" before~!! hahahah~ anyway, wish my wish will come true!! hahhaha^^" and all my family and friends will happy and live healthy^^. Tonight go Klang got people want treat me BAK KUT TEH~ yuMmY~!!