Friday, May 21, 2010



Once again "A pilot have gave me an AEROPLANE". They have promised me about a job of Beauty Expo for today and MOnday, but end up yesterday night before i sleep i receive a message say~::::

*Sorry to whoever receive this message, the promoter final list is out and it is my boss choice. It mean you guys no need to attend tomorrow job. I'm Sorry*

Something like this, i have deleted the message!!==" Don't know what kind of expression i have after receive this message!! should give a big smile, cause no need to wake up early for only RM80~ but also sad cause i need money now!!! RM38 to buy a Bonita Bag also hard for me!!!

And I'm happy with my result and my CGPA increased a bit~^^~ but also sad that "someone" told me that his CGPA dropped but still higher than me!! isk~isk~~~~

and U4 kia all going
i-City now!! Once again i can't join them!!! since 3rd Semester i less join them in whatever activities they plan!! *sad*

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