Tuesday, May 25, 2010



As a begin of this post, let have a look at this picture~^^
cute or not!? Michelin Tyre mascot, as most of the people know it la!!
Does this thingy look like Kenny Chee Eng Kang~!!hahahaha~~
so muscular and " hou hou da "~~!! damn funny lo~~Kelvin saw it and say look like Kenny!!
i work for 2 days at Sunway Jusco for the Ideal Celebrity Chief again, but this time less promoter only 6promoter and a very small booth we have there==". People who walk around also not many!! Still this job is tiring~!! But still having fun with other colleague, chief, DJ, MC and supervisor~^^~

And guess what~!? I saw my Primary school friend again!! ya, no mistake is AGAIN. Last 2week i work for the same Event at The Curve and i meet Amanda and this time i say Kenny Yap Kok Fei and he is not just passing by, but he's my SUPERVISOR==" duh~~ he can't recognize me when he saw me, and was taking long time for him to think what my name!! ADUIII~~~how dare you forgot my name!!

I think nothing really happen to be very special to mention~^^~ Owh~i found what i should buy for him^^~!! So now what i have to do is wait for my SALARY~!! can't wait to see my bank account to have money again~=="And this time LuJi did not work with me, she working with Angie at KLCC Beauty Expo Fair. So Kelvin replaced her. While break i when for a walk at Sunway and saw many shop having SALES!!! 70% 50% 20%~!! SHIT~!! Always the same, when I'm bankrupt they having sales!! and the Beauty Expo Fair i wanted to go!! But no money!!==" Wanted to ask money from parents but I'm feel so shame if i ask money from they!! Ask Dar to pay for me, i don't think so, he have no responsibility to support my life==". Only can wait other Beauty Fair and next SALES season!! *cry hard*

Ending this post with a not a perfect snap of the Ideal promoter group picture~~ *claps*claps*
Hope that Adam will send it to Wennassa and Henry will get it as well=="

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