Saturday, May 15, 2010



Yesterday~was a SHIT FRIDAY to me!!
Planed to go Taman Pertanian with Notti Fam *10peoples*
reach there and know that yesterday was Friday and Malay have to go to Mosque to Pray!!
and the Bike Shop keeper was all Malay, and the canteen aunty say they will open at 2pm++
so we decide to wait till 2pm, but end up 1pm we go away!! Cause not worth at all!! 4.30pm they will be closing!!
So we Wasted our Rm3 for the entry fee!! and wasted my energy to wake so early!! also wasted my Rm6 for breakfast and it wasn't that tasty!!!

Then, when to WeiLi college [HELP college] *without Luji and Herng, they wanted to go home early*. WeiLi have something to do, so we followed her and have our lunch at McDonald!! and you will feel full after you saw all out fried poured out on the tray!! so i wasted RM8 for the McDonald McDeluxe Regular and Rm10 for Hotlink Reload!!

Then, we when to tea at "Tin Yin Tau Fu Fa" after, fetch Angie and Kelvin kor home~and i wasted Rm2.2 for a bowl of cold TauFuFa~!! After tea when to Midvalley for movie *Nightmare* is a must watch!! 4/5 very creepy+scary!!! wasted Rm10 and Rm5 for hot dog!!=="

so total i used around Rm45 ==" waste money!!!

Yesterday, i saw Nikon and other Camera brand having promo!! and i saw a DSLR bag look nice and not expensive!! i want it~!! too bad no red color!! but my dad say not giving me any money cause i when out to much!! TT and the promo is till Sunday onlY!!! i have to get money for it!!!!!

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