Sunday, May 30, 2010



Friday -28 May 2010-

When to Tesco for SUSHI KING with Dar. My favourite food!! Than when to IOI Mall for movie "Sherk-The Final Chapter" quite nice chapter^^. The Cat so damn cute, become so fat!! and Sherk and Fiona children is so CUTE!!!! Also Donkey and Dragon children damn adorable!!

Thursday -27 May 2010-

When to Maison with my housemate and some Notti Fam for Jing birthday. Her Sweet 19th~HaPPy BirdDay~ Something nasty happen, WHATSOEVER!! Don't care. Mr Foo is DOWN~!! and sleeping in my toilet~!! isk~isk~~~~
Before when to Maison, when to Wangsa walk with U4 Kia for Prince Of Persia. Damn nice~^^ should watch~ The Princess so pretty and Daston handsome and MAN!!
Flip animation!! Friday, when for class but end up everyone playing with Mac desktop and online!! waited for 30minute ZOOM~ when to movie, because that lecturer did not show up==" and i don't know how to do flip animation~!! Miniman 100pages maximun 200pages!! what should i draw!!
Here 1 example of flip animation i found~^^~ very nice~!!!


kenwooi said...

hope to watch prince of persia soon =)

SonnyKazu said...

prince of persia is really nice! :D

Carolinelzt said...

Kenwooi::why soon!? where you!? so busy till no time to watch!?

Sonny:: ya!! realy NICE!!^^3