Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Another day working with LuJi^^~ It was Sunday 16May2010, work as Maxis Broadband for 1 day~~and it was tiring!!! standing there whole day shouting the same thing again~!! "MAXIS BROADBAND FREE MODEM" or "MAXIS BROADBAND RM18 PER MONTH" SUPER DUPER TIRED~!!
Meet new friends again~^^~ Vinc, Ivan and Kuan~ also a nice guy call Ping~!! is really funny to work with them!! i sold 2 modem~ and also served a HK lady who live at Malaysia 11years++ and she damn annoying!! don't want to write anything about her~!!! cause too many to write about her can't finish writing her in 1week!!!

Actually, that day i suppose to go
MidValley to buy my DSLR bag. BUT money is more important!!hahah~~ so i asked Catherine help me and YES she bought it back!! damn happy~!! but i found out that the bag is too small for my lovely D70!!! WTF~ and that promoter told me before that it can fit D70!! he lie me!!!

Take picture in the toilet~SLACKING-


When to Puchong Jaya Public Bank to get back my cheque which can't bank in cause RMC company have written my name wrongly!!== STUPID***
Guess what!? i when to counter 16 and that guy told me he can't find my cheque!! and he told me that i may have banked in at other branch, so i when to Puteri P.Bank. Same thing when to the last counter and that lady told me she can't find it either!!! Wasted my time!!! and i will wait till the bank call again and they directly send back the cheque to my house~!!
Then, when to Tesco buy some daily use stuff with my parent. and i bought many stuff!! total bill is Rm300~ *phew*
And wait for Ghino come to fetch me to Setapak and help me to move my thing too.

take picture while waiting for AhPa, he when to buy some roti canai for us~^^


1st day of 2nd years~ 18May2010 Tuesday-
i should not when to college!! cause i just attend a 15minute Lecture!! Waste of time. It was Interface Design, it was Mr Clifford. After lecture when to MidValley to change a bigger DSLR bag. GUESS WHAT~!? that shop is close for renovation!!! OMG~~ i feel so scammed!!
Then, when for dinner and movie *Furry don't know what* not bad~quite funny but not logic la~~xD
isk~ What can i do about that bag~!? Wait them to re-open!? or sell it to other and buy another suitable bag!! But i DAMN LIKE this bag~~~TT
HOW~!? WHAT SHOULD I DO~!? Anyone can give me a suggestion please!? Cause my Lovely D70 really need a new comfort "BED"
Him and Me~^^~

Today 19May2010 Im damn regret of having KFC as breakfast*my breakfast was at 4pm*!! Damn full and my class was cancelled!! Wasted my MONEY on KFC~!! and RM20 for my petrol~!! RM2.2 for tol fee~!!! Fei told me when i almost reached college!!==" How terrible is that!!! Then, when to LiLi house thought go Cheras night market but no one is available!!==" So just when to Steven have tea with LiLi~!! BORING~!!
This is life~~Study or work, eat, movie, karaoke and sleep~!!

Tomorrow photography class, TTG again~^^
hope no sudden class cancel~!!
~Nighty Night~

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